Brain Injury Symptoms that Can Affect Your Income and ‎Career

Being in a car accident is already a devastating experience, but suffering from brain injuries can make the situation worse for the individual and their loved ones. Brain injuries caused by car accidents could significantly impact different areas of your life.

If a car accident has caused severe brain injuries, you can file a personal injury claim against the negligent party. Our experienced car accident lawyers in Las Vegas can help you recover damages for the injuries sustained.

Brain injuries can cause multiple symptoms that can majorly affect your career and overall income. Understanding the symptoms and how they impact your career can help you ensure you get the right compensation for your claim. Here are the many ways brain injury symptoms can affect your income and career:

Memory and Cognitive Issues

One of the major ways a brain injury can affect your income and career is experiencing cognitive issues. You might face challenges in remembering important information or making mental calculations. It can also impact your ability to make a decision, resulting in bad decision-making or low performance at work.

Communication Difficulties

The trauma caused by the brain injury due to the car accident may also impact your communication, particularly your non-verbal skills. Brain injuries could result in an individual being unable to read or comprehend facial expressions. Failing to understand the reactions and feelings of others can take a toll on both professional and personal relations.

Personality and Mood Changes

Treating your customers and colleagues can impact your work and overall income. Experiencing a brain injury could impact your behavior or personality, which would affect your job. Brain injury also causes mood changes that can further affect your ability to perform the job you excelled at before the car accident.

Tiredness and Fatigue

For brain injury patients, fatigue and tiredness can be ongoing problems no matter how much rest and sleep they get. You might find it hard to complete daily tasks, let alone work tasks, due to a severe lack of energy and extreme fatigue.

Balance and Motor Function Challenges

A brain injury can impact your sense of balance, flexibility, and strength. If your career is physically demanding, a lack of flexibility and strength can affect your job performance. Even those working in other sectors can experience a dip in performance due to motor function and balance issues.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Nevada

If the brain injuries caused in the car accident have resulted from the other driver’s negligence, you have the right to recover compensation. Our experienced personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas determine the severity of the injuries and the impact on your life, including your ability to earn to estimate the appropriate compensation amount you should receive.

The Bourassa Law Group understand how difficult it could be for an individual to sustain brain injuries that cause a lasting impact on their life. Our legal team will thoroughly investigate your case and provide evidence that indicates how greatly your income and career have been affected.

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