Broken Hips After Slip and Fall Accidents in Nevada

Slip and fall accidents often lead to broken hips. This is especially true if you are a senior citizen. These injuries can be pretty debilitating, meaning you can file a lawsuit against the guilty party.

Property owners might be liable for the slip and fall accident if their premises were unsafe. Additionally, they are negligent if they fail to put up the necessary signs to warn others of any hazards.

Let’s explore more about broken hips after slip and fall accidents in Nevada.

Filing a Claim After a Broken Hip from a Slip and Fall Accident in Nevada

In Nevada, you can receive compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. As we’ve mentioned, broken hips can be brutal to recover from while also causing pain and suffering.

If you’ve been hospitalized and lost wages, these will be recovered in the compensation. Other forms of compensation include physical therapy and home changes.

Many senior citizens with broken hips need to modify their homes. This will be covered in your claim against the guilty and negligent party.

It is worth mentioning that victims have up to two years to file a lawsuit against the guilty party. They should hire an attorney straight away to increase their odds of winning the maximum compensation.

Several factors contribute to the efficiency of a personal injury case. You are on a deadline if you’ve broken a hip due to a slip and fall. Your lawyer needs to reach out to the witnesses and collect the necessary evidence to build your case quickly.

What Should You Do After a Broken Hip from a Slip and Fall?

If you’re hospitalized, you need to contact a lawyer as soon as you can. This allows them to build a case of negligence in your favor to receive compensation for your injuries.

If you’re bedridden, there’s not much you can do except rely on your lawyer and tell them exactly what happened. They will go the extra mile to help you get the maximum settlement for your extensive injuries.

Hire Bourassa Law Group for Slip and Fall Accidents

Bourassa Law Group specializes in handling slip and fall accidents. If you’ve been involved in one and broken your hip, you should reach out to our personal injury lawyers. They are dedicated and extremely professional, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact them at 800-870-8910  today for a free consultation session to discuss your case.

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