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Can You Sue a Fast-Food Chain for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Picture this: You’re in a hurry, and hunger is nagging in your stomach, so you stop at your favorite fast-food restaurant. As you impatiently approach the counter, you have no idea that a simple trip on a slippery floor might convert your hunger into a nightmare of agony and aggravation. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents at fast-food restaurants are more common than we’d like to believe.

In the fast-food industry, where speed is valued above all else, it is critical to remember that the fast-food chain must ensure a safe atmosphere. But what happens if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities? Can you fight back and seek justice for your loved ones?

Learn about the considerations of suing a fast-food chain for a slip-and-fall accident.

Can You Sue a Fast-Food Chain for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Under certain conditions, a slip-and-fall accident might result in a lawsuit against a fast-food establishment in Nevada. Several elements are often evaluated to establish if you have a viable claim:

Duty of care: The fast-food restaurant is responsible for keeping its customers safe. This job includes frequent inspections, quickly resolving possible dangers, and reasonably preventing slip and fall incidents.

Negligence: To win a slip-and-fall case, you must typically show that the fast-food business was careless. Negligence is the failure to take reasonable care, which causes injury to another person. For example, if the fast-food business was aware of a potentially hazardous situation (such as a slick floor) yet did nothing about it.

Causation: Establishing a causal relationship between the fast-food chain’s carelessness and your injuries is critical. You must show that the risky situation directly caused your slip and fall accident and injuries.

Damages: To file a case, you must have sustained damages due to the slip and fall accident. Medical expenditures, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other costs may be included in these damages.

Nevada uses a modified comparative negligence rule which implies that if the court determines that you were partially to blame for the accident, your compensation may be reduced by the proportion of blame you bear. You may not be able to collect any damages if you are determined to be 51% or more at fault.

If you feel you have a legitimate claim, you should take the following steps:

Seek medical assistance: Your health and well-being should come first. Seek medical attention for your injuries and keep detailed records of any medical bills and diagnoses.

Document the incident: If feasible, gather evidence at the spot, take pictures of the danger, get witness testimonies, and request incident reports from the fast-food chain.

Maintain evidence: Keep any papers or objects linked to the accident, such as medical records, receipts, and contact with the fast-food restaurant or insurance providers.

Consult a personal injury attorney: Speak with an expert attorney in Nevada about your case and the best line of action. They may assist you with determining if you have a viable claim, guiding you through the legal procedure, and representing your interests.

Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney from The Bourassa Law for Expert Guidance

While everyone who’s a party to a slip-and-fall lawsuit requires a lawyer, the victim needs the legal professional the most as they carry the burden of proof.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Nevada, hire an experienced attorney from The Bourassa Law for the best advice and legal representation.

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-court settlement or want to file a court case, our slip-and-fall lawyers in Nevada will help you at every step.

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