Can You Sue the Government for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Many slip and fall accidents usually occur on private properties. For example, you may trip in a store and fracture your bone, allowing you to sue the property owner if they were negligent. However, things become more complicated when you seriously injure yourself on government property.

While it is certainly true that you can sue the government for your injury, you must exercise great caution when pursuing litigious action against them. This is because there are specific requirements you need to keep in mind when suing the government. If you proceed carelessly, chances are high that you will not have a valid claim.

If you’re suing the government for negligent practice on their property, hiring a competent lawyer is in your best interests. Personal injury lawyers can help you take the best course of action for favorable results.

Let’s explore more about suing the government for a slip and fall accident.

Suing the Government for a Slip and Fall – Deadlines and Damage Limits to Consider

Although state laws are different throughout America, you must submit a claim against the government within 30 to 45 days. This period is much shorter than when you file a claim against private entities. Therefore, you must take decisive action if you are serious about suing the government.

Your best bet is to hire a competent lawyer as soon as possible and assign the responsibility to them. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, you must report it immediately to avoid wasting precious time. The statute of limitations is much shorter, and you must be committed to meeting the deadline requirements.

Another point to remember is that the government can legally limit how much settlement you receive. However, this amount is reasonable, and most people find that the settlement amount reflects their losses. Victims sometimes do not receive an amount equivalent to their losses because the government has capped the damages at $100,000.

What Is the Process for Notifying the Government about your Slip and Fall?

When injured from a slip and fall accident on government property, you need to follow strict procedures to notify the government. If you don’t submit a formal notice that details your injuries in writing, you may lose the chance to receive a settlement for your losses.

If you hire a personal injury lawyer familiar with Nevada law, they can handle the process for you as quickly as possible. They are also aware of these deadlines and notice requirements, allowing them to produce the necessary specific to elicit a meaningful response.

The report or notice itself is not that complicated. You need to provide details of the incident, such as where the accident occurred and the date and timing of the incident. When claiming negligence, you must provide an accurate narrative of how things occurred according to you. Your injuries must also be presented as evidence since they indicate the occurrence of an accident.

Personal injury lawyers will conduct their investigation and collect all evidence to make your case as strong as possible. Anything that you miss out on can weaken your case, which is why it’s necessary to choose the best lawyer. Details of your losses are also crucial to the evidence you submit since it allows the government to deliver fair compensation.

Like the deadlines and damages section, government procedures are fairly specific. Your lawyer must go the extra mile to find relevant information to make your case as strong as possible. Providing notice this way is extremely important because it allows the government to determine which entity must handle your case.

After highlighting the relevant details and being very specific about your evidence details, you can make a strong case for yourself. If the government was negligent and could have prevented the slip and fall accident, you will likely receive fair compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.

Choose the Best Lawyers in Nevada to Build Your Slip and Fall Case

Suing the government is very tricky. There are specific requirements you need to follow to have a valid claim. If you miss out on key details, you will suffer major losses that can cripple you financially.

The Bourassa Law Group specializes in handling slip and fall injury cases. Its team of personal injury lawyers works night and day to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. If you choose Nevada’s best team of lawyers, you will receive the compensation you deserve for your losses. Contact them at 1-800-870-8910 for a free consultation to review the specifics of your slip and fall case.

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