Can You Sue Your Employer for Slip-and-Fall Injuries?

Slip-and-fall injuries can lead to a loss of income and sudden medical expenses for employees working at a company. Your employer may not be willing to take responsibility for their negligence, forcing you to sue them for a settlement. However, most businesses offer their workers a chance to benefit from worker’s compensation insurance, which provides some compensation for their woes.

Generally speaking, slip and fall accidents are fairly common in the workplace and can be difficult to deal with, especially if your employer is not insured. In such cases, you can file a lawsuit against them under the guidance of an experienced injury lawyer.

Let’s explore whether you can sue your employer for a slip-and-fall injury.

Personal Injury Lawsuit – What You Need to Know

When filing a personal injury lawsuit against your employer, you must prove four main things to be successful. Let’s explore them briefly.

  • Your employer’s negligence led to the injury, such as an on-site spillage they failed to address.
  • Their lack of attentiveness and failure to comply with Nevada’s safety laws contributed to the accident.
  • You didn’t injure yourself accidentally while completing your work duties. For example, if you’re a janitor who slipped while mopping the floor, you’re not in a position to sue your employer.
  • No one else was at fault for the accident, and the responsibility solely lies with your employer and their negligence, malpractice, and heedlessness.

You must differentiate between when it’s appropriate to opt for a worker’s compensation claim and when you have a case for personal injury.

How Soon After a Slip-and-Fall Accident Can You File a Lawsuit Against Your Employer?

In Nevada, you have up to three months to opt for a worker’s compensation claim if you have suffered a slip and fall injury at your workplace. However, your first course of action after your injury should be to seek medical treatment immediately and try to recover quickly. Depending on the severity of your injury, this may or may not be possible. If you file your claim for worker’s compensation within 90 days, you are entitled to receive monetary compensation to cover your expenses.

It’s worth noting that, in many cases, employers do not have this type of insurance. If that is so, you can sue them for a personal injury case by seeking help from an accident lawyer. The timeframe for a personal injury claim is two years in Nevada, giving you enough time to build a strong case for yourself and reach a settlement with your employer.

How Much Compensation Can You Receive from a Slip and Fall Injury in the Workplace?

If your employer has worker’s compensation, you will receive roughly $15,000 for your case. However, this amount varies according to the severity of your injury and can easily go up to $25,000 in the right circumstances. However, you must be able to prove that you were not responsible for the accident and give other necessary details of the incident. If you’re being truthful and provide the required proof, you will receive benefits.

Slipped and Fell at Work? Give Bourassa Law Group a Call.

Accidents happen, but we are liable to receive compensation through our employer’s insurance. However, many employers run their businesses without insuring them, forcing their workers to file a personal injury lawsuit against them. If your employer is not taking responsibility for their negligence, it may be time to turn to an accident attorney for your woes.

The Bourassa Law Group has extensive experience in handling a variety of slip-and-fall cases. Their accident attorneys work round the clock to provide exemplary services that help build a strong case for your particular situation. Give them a call at (800)870-8910 to book a free consultation and inquire about their complete services.

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