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Damage vs. Injuries – Key Differences Post-Accident Victims in Nevada Need to Know

Car accidents are among the leading causes of death in the US. While most fatal car accidents involve drunk drivers, accidents happen unintentionally too. But the loss of life isn’t the only potential negative outcome of car accidents. Even seemingly minor accidents can result in injuries and damages.

If you or a loved one have suffered a car accident, you can benefit from understanding the differences between damages vs. injuries victims for car accident lawsuits in Nevada can claim.

Understanding the “Fault” System for Car Accidents in Nevada

The state of Nevada follows an “At Fault” system for car accident lawsuits. The system deems responsible the party at fault for the occurrence of the accident to bear all losses, including injuries and damages. Post-accident, car accident victims in Nevada can claim compensation for the following injuries and damages:

1. All Physical Injuries

From minor bruises to major issues, you can claim compensation for complete medical expenses for your physical health injuries suffered in car accidents in Nevada. It is advised to undergo a full-body medical examination as soon after the accident as possible to detect all potential injuries. The list of expenses you can claim includes but isn’t limited to the following:

  • Ambulance fee
  • Consultation fee
  • Medical tests cost
  • Treatment cost
  • Accessories to help with pain
  • At-home medical care

You can also claim compensation for suffering from pain and discomfort, physical therapy, cognitive therapy, and any loss suffered when seeking medical care. For example, if a family member had to skip work to take you to the hospital, you can file compensation for their loss as a medical expense as it is an indirect medical expense.

2. Damage to Emotional Health

You can claim compensation for emotional distress you suffered from car accidents in Nevada on its own or in combination with physical injuries. The amount of compensation for emotional health damages is determined by the seriousness of the suffering. Car accident victims suffering from anxiety can claim compensation for the mental health therapy they require after the accident. Victims can also claim compensation for general loss of enjoyment and emotional discomfort due to physical injuries.

3. Lost Wages

Car accidents in Nevada can affect victims’ capacity to earn a living. If the car accident you or your loved one suffered resulted in lost wages due to physical health issues, you could claim lost wages compensation. A high compensation can be claimed if the physical health issues suffered in an accident permanently impact earning capability.

4. Vehicle Repair Cost

Damages suffered by the car can also be claimed in car accident lawsuits in Nevada. If the car is deemed unrepairable, a claim for replacement cost can be filed. The law also applies if the car is a rental.

5. Out of Pocket Expenses

Any loss or expense resulting from a car accident that isn’t covered by insurance can also be included in the compensation claim.

6. Punitive Damages

Car accidents in Nevada due to intentional misconduct or negligence also hold the at-fault party responsible for punitive damages. The compensation for this damage is added to teach a lesson to the at-fault party so they don’t repeat their mistake. But punitive damages can be difficult to prove and follow certain limitations.

Comparative Negligence and Statute of Limitations

Comparative Negligence law in Nevada prohibits any party more than 50% at-fault of a car accident from filing a compensation claim for injuries and damages. On the other hand, the Statute of Limitations allows a duration of only two years to file a personal injury claim after a car accident in Nevada.

Get a Personal Injury/Car Accident Lawyer in Nevada

Navigating and understanding laws can be challenging when in shock after experiencing a car accident or seeing a loved one suffer due to one. Thus, you must immediately reach out to a lawyer with experience in car accident lawsuits in Nevada to file for injuries and damages claims in time and receive the compensation you deserve.

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