Dealing with Uncooperative Insurance Companies – A Legal Guide for Las Vegas Accident Victims

When you’ve sustained injuries in an accident, your focus needs to be on your recovery and pursuing financial compensation from the responsible party. This entails navigating interactions with insurance companies while managing medical appointments, seeking potential treatments, and your health insurance. It’s an intricate and exasperating situation.

However, that’s not all; things can worsen when dealing with an insurance company that fails to cooperate. This is precisely why we recommend victims and their families approach an experienced and trusted Las Vegas car accident lawyer instead of contacting the insurance company directly.

Here’s a legal guide for Las Vegas accident victims on insurance companies and how to deal with them when they fail to cooperate:

Insurance Companies- Why They Are Sometimes Uncooperative and Tactics They Use to Lower or Deny Claims

Insurance companies are often reluctant to disburse claims. Even when acknowledging their policyholder’s financial responsibility for accident-related injuries, they make concerted efforts to minimize the settlement or court-awarded damages they must provide.

This tendency becomes more pronounced when claimants lack legal representation, prompting insurance companies to push the boundaries of morality and legality in their attempts to evade liability.

Hence, if you approach the insurance company directly, you are likely to either receive a lowball settlement offer or nothing at all. Insurance companies may deny accident claims to protect their interests. They believe you will give up and go away if they deny your claim. The top two reasons for claim denial are that the claimant did not fill out the form properly and didn’t meet the liability requirements.

Other tactics that uncooperative insurance companies may use to deny or lower your claim are: 

Add Extra Paperwork

Adding extra paperwork requirements, you may have to resubmit the claim, and in most cases, the process is so overwhelming that you eventually fail to meet the requirements before the deadline.

Furthermore, delaying the claim puts you (the victim/claimant) in a weak position. At this point, you may be struggling financially and burdened with lost wages and overriding medical bills. In such a desperate situation, you might have to settle for less or make mistakes that may benefit the insurance company.

Downplay Your Injuries

Sometimes, insurance companies may even downplay your injuries and will do everything they can to fight against the injuries claimed by the victim. They might argue that the injuries incurred aren’t as severe as you claim, that your recovery time will be shorter, or that your injuries are pre-existing – from another event.

Shift The Blame

An insurance company might use various strategies to shift the blame. They may argue that you:

  • Violated one or more traffic laws
  • Were engaged in distracted driving 
  • Were under the influence of a controlled substance

Remember that when you file a claim, the insurance company will instantly assign an adjuster to your case. The adjuster’s role is to either deny or devalue your car accident claim, even if you’re a policyholder.

Best Steps for Dealing With Uncooperative Insurance Companies

Here are the best steps you can take to deal with an uncooperative insurance company:

Never Interact With the Insurance Adjuster Directly 

Soon after a car accident, you’re likely to be approached by an insurance adjuster. They may make you feel concerned about you and your injuries, but they want to lower their insurance liability. Therefore, avoid interacting with them directly or passing any statements about the accident. This is important because uncooperative insurance companies will literally manipulate your statements to lower your claim.  

Hire an Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

Your next best step is to seek legal assistance. It is advisable to hire an experienced and trusted Las Vegas car accident lawyer for case representation so that you can focus better on your recovery. At the same time, your attorney takes care of the legal complexities.  

A proficient attorney’s deep understanding of insurance regulations makes them adept at guiding you through your case. They can assess your situation, complete paperwork, file a claim, and even negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Acting as intermediaries, they thoroughly examine your case and advocate for your interests during negotiations. 

In cases of heightened dispute, they are ready to initiate legal proceedings to protect your rights. This step involves initiating a legal process to resolve the dispute through judicial proceedings. Litigation becomes viable when negotiations with the opposing party or insurer fail to yield a satisfactory resolution.

 In the court, the attorney will present your case, evidence, and arguments before a judge or jury, seeking a legal judgment or verdict that upholds your rights and entitlements. Litigation is a formal, legal avenue to pursue justice and ensure your interests are protected through the judicial system when all other avenues have been exhausted.

So, if you have been in a car accident, contact our experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer at the Bourassa Law Group. Schedule a free consultation at 800-870-8910. Our lawyer can do the leg work and heavy lifting for you while you focus on a stress-free recovery. We go above and beyond to assist you, ensuring you get fairly compensated by the insurance company for losses and injuries incurred. 

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