Determining Liability in a Roof Fall Accident

Roof accidents can lead to serious injuries. These include broken bones, fractures, internal bleeding, etc. Back injuries can be extremely debilitating since many people become paralyzed and unable to move.

Medical bills are exceptionally high to pay for these injuries, making it important to determine liability in a roof fall accident.

Hiring a lawyer is your best bet for proving liability in a slip and fall accident. You need to know how to deal with insurance companies and how much compensation you deserve.

Let’s explore what you should do after a roof fall accident.

Sue the Relevant Party for a Roof Fall Accident

If you’re a roofing contractor or worker who experiences a roof fall accident, you may wish to sue the guilty party. Roofing accidents are not uncommon, and it may be the homeowner‘s fault for not informing the repairman of the roofing hazards. However, it is more likely for the injured party to sue the homeowner’s insurance company.

If you’ve sustained serious injuries and need compensation, you must determine the liability in the roofing accident. For example, the homeowner’s negligence may have resulted in the injury if they were aware of any roofing damages. If you prove that the homeowner knew of the roof’s poor condition and failed to inform the repairman, they are liable and negligent.

Some possible reasons for the roof’s delicate condition include termite infestations, electrical faults, etc.

When is the Homeowner Responsible for a Roof Fall Accident?

If the homeowner is involved in the repairs and tells the repairmen what to do, they play an active part in the process. If any workers injure themselves after following the homeowner’s instructions, they can prove liability.

In simple terms, if someone injures themselves after following your instructions, you are viewed by the law as negligent.

However, if you are not actively involved in the roof project, you separate yourself from the activity. This protects you from any possible claims of negligence since you rely on the roofing contractor’s expertise to address your roofing problems.

Homeowners do not always know there is something wrong with their roofs. If the structure collapses and the homeowners have warned the roofing contractor of potential hazards, they cannot be held liable. Still, if you have been involved in a serious roof fall accident, you should hire an accident attorney to collect the necessary evidence.

Instead of targeting homeowners, many injured workers hire a lawyer to hold the insurance company liable for their injuries. This gives them a good chance to win compensation, especially if they have accrued injuries in the accident.

Hire a Competent Accident Attorney to Win Your Roof Fall Accident Case

Hiring an accident attorney can help determine whether the homeowner or their insurance company should be liable for your injuries. Conversely, homeowners can also hire a lawyer to protect themselves from improper allegations. Whatever the situation, a personal injury lawyer can build a strong case for your needs.

Bourassa Law Group specializes in providing legal assistance for slip and fall accidents. Roof fall accidents can be severe, and you may need compensation for your injuries. Similarly, if you wish to defend yourself against false allegations made by a roofing contractor, you should hire an accident attorney. Contact Bourassa at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation.

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