How to File a Product Liability Claim Against a Fireworks Manufacturer

From the famous 2002 Philip Morris cancer lawsuit to the exploding Coca-Cola injury case in 2018, there have been dozens of high-profile product liability cases in the last two decades. Today, you can file a product liability claim against any company, regardless of their size, product type, or industry, including fireworks manufacturers.

However, you’ll need an experienced product liability lawyer to legally prove who’s at fault for injuries or other damages caused by fireworks. In this post, we’ll share how to file a product liability claim against a fireworks manufacturer.

Types of Fireworks Liability Claims You Can File

You can file a product liability claim against a firework manufacturer for three reasons:

1. Manufacturing Defects

In most cases, firecrackers, rockets, and other fireworks can have a defective design that causes them to function abnormally. For instance, a firecracker can explore prematurely upon lighting. Or, a rocket can explode even before it launches. You can sue the manufacturer for injuries if the defect is due to inferior materials or supply chain issues.

2. Inadequate Warnings/Unclear Instructions

Fireworks are inherently dangerous products. Yet, they’re sold in huge quantities across the United States and worldwide for different celebrations. So, a fireworks product not having adequate warnings or clear instructions is equivalent to a cigarette pack not having a “Smoking Kills” label on its packaging or a drug not warning patients about possible side effects.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against a Fireworks Manufacturer

Did you get injured by a faulty firecracker or similar fireworks product? You can file a lawsuit and seek compensation for injuries. However, you’ll need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in product liability claims to collect sufficient evidence to build your case, including:

1. Proof of Injury

First, you’ll need to prove that fireworks caused the injuries you sustained. Your lawyer will use doctor’s reports, prescriptions, hospital bill receipts, and other documents as evidence.

2. Proof of Defect

Next, you’ll need to provide solid evidence to show that the fireworks that caused your injuries had flaws in their design or production.

3. Proof of Correct Use

Finally, you’ll need to prove to the court that you had no role to play in your injuries. Most fireworks manufacturers try to shift the blame to users since it’s not uncommon to use these products negligently. So, you must show that you used the fireworks as directed and took reasonable steps to remain protected.

Contact a Nevada Product Liability Lawyer Right Away for Your Fireworks Injuries

The experienced lawyers at the Bourassa Law Group have successfully litigated hundreds of product liability cases in Nevada and surrounding states. Therefore, you can rest assured we have the knowledge and skills to be the best advocate for you when facing the fireworks manufacturer responsible for your injuries and suffering.

So, get in touch now for a free consultation at 800-870-8910. We will discuss your case and devise a solid strategy to maximize your recovery.

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