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Filing a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit After Getting Fired for Workplace Bullying Complaints

Wrongful termination is a common concern for employees working in private organizations. While many organizations encourage employees to speak against bullying and harassment, some employers opt for employee retaliation and sweep such issues under the rug. If you are impacted by the latter category, seeking legal representation can help you regain your lost status. This read will help you understand your options regarding wrongful termination lawsuits.

Employee Retaliation: Suing Employers for Wrongful Termination

How can I sue my employer for getting fired for workplace bullying complaints? How can I sue my boss for wrongful termination? These are among the most commonly asked questions by employees working in different industries. Employers often retaliate when employees try to speak against the violation of workplace policies, like bullying and harassment.

While seeking employment lawyer free consultation can help you file your case, knowing all your options beforehand is crucial. Below, we have covered the possible solutions you can try in the case of wrongful termination.

Discuss the Case With an Attorney

For legal representation, you may discuss your case with an expert attorney. Bullying is a serious offense worldwide and should not be tolerated in the workplace. If your employer fires you for speaking up against bullying, you have every right to seek legal representation. An attorney can help you understand the specifics of your case, making it suitable for legal representation.

They may hear the whole story and ask questions regarding the termination incident. Gathering more details can help lawyers develop solid grounds for legal representation.

Gather Relevant Evidence

Evidence is a crucial variable in the lawsuit equation. Employees must gather sufficient proof of bullying before filing a lawsuit against their employer. Typically, written pieces of evidence, like emails, text messages, and witness statements, are highly effective in this regard. Having footage of bullying employees at the workplace can also support your case.

Free consultation employment lawyers can help you gather and organize relevant evidence for effective representation against your employer.

Document Bullying Incidents

The depth of the details is super important for effective legal representation against wrongful termination. Documenting bullying incidents (with proof) can support your case. You may include as much information as possible, including the times of bullying incidents, days, locations, witnesses, and verbal exchanges.

Documenting incidents can help your employment lawyer to plan the case thoroughly. You may also state additional information to your lawyer that you might have missed in the documentation.

Revisit Employer’s Policies

Knowing the employer’s policies and employment contract terms is crucial to your case’s success. Formal organizations have anti-retaliation policies to protect the rights of workers. Such clauses may come in handy when filing against employee retaliation.

Another important factor is the employment contract’s terms. Some employers use favorable terms and conditions in the employment contract to ensure their legal security.

Sharing such information with your employment lawyer can benefit you in representation. Moreover, you can aim for decent compensation by the employer (as decided by the court).

Review Mediation Options

Although bullying is not tolerable and should be handled legally, some cases have room for mediation, allowing both parties to come to an agreement to avoid legal procedures. In such scenarios, seeking an employment lawyer’s help can be fruitful. They can guide you on the negotiation terms and help you stay out of legal trouble in the future.

With free consultation, employment lawyers can help you determine your best mediation options beforehand. Pursuing mediation without a lawyer’s support can be risky due to the lack of legal knowledge.

Know Your Relief Options

When filing a lawsuit against wrongful termination (due to speaking against workplace bullying), you might want to know your relief options first. Typically, the relief options vary based on how strong and impactful the case is. If you have sufficient evidence to support your claims, your employment lawyer may help you get decent compensation from the employer.

The common reliefs cover reinstatement, compensatory payments, payments to compensate for emotional distress and attorney fees, and other options (based on mutually agreed terms). You must discuss your preferences with your lawyer before filing the lawsuit to avoid later shocks.

When employees do not take legal action against employee retaliation and wrongful termination, they encourage employers to continue violating the workplace policies. Legal representation is the appropriate way to put a stop to workplace problems like harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

Moreover, maintaining silence over such issues may impact your credibility as an employee when seeking employment opportunities in other organizations.

Need Help Filing a Lawsuit Against Wrongful Termination? We Can Help!

Wrongful termination is a serious issue that no employee should have to go through. Whether you were terminated due to speaking against workplace bullying or other policy violations, you will need expert legal representation to claim for your losses.

Bourassa Law Group is a well-established law firm with a competent team of employment attorneys to help you. Check out our client testimonials on the website and contact us at (800) 870-8910 to discuss your case.


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