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How an Accident Reconstruction Expert Can Help With Your Car Accident Claim

Car accidents can cause severe injuries and destruction of properties. It can be complicated to establish liability in such accidents, particularly if there are multiple parties and witnesses’ accounts involved. Having a car accident reconstruction expert in such cases can prove vital in determining how the car accident occurred.

The conclusions provided by an accident reconstruction expert can also help determine how the accident might have happened, the driver at fault, and which party is the negligent one.

What is an Accident Reconstruction Expert’s Job?

Accident reconstruction experts are expert witnesses in car accident cases. They have the technical knowledge and expertise to recreate car accident scenarios and provide answers related to negligence.

These experts apply physics and mathematics principles to examine the circumstances around the car accident. Their finding can reveal whether the following things happened in the car accident:

  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Lane changing errors
  • Loss of car control because of negligence
  • Mechanical failures
  • Speeding
  • Traffic control devices or running red lights
  • Visibility issues

The accident reconstruction expert produces 3D models, computer simulations, and written reports to show their conclusions on how the collision occurred.  

Ways an Accident Reconstruction Expert Can Help in a Car Accident Claim

An accident reconstruction expert assesses the car accident thoroughly before finalizing their conclusion. This investigation includes examining the involved vehicles, photographs of the accident, and assessing the accident scene. They go through police reports and eyewitness statements. These experts also go through the medical records of the victim, collision reports, crash test reports, and other documentation.

After examining all this evidence, the accident reconstruction expert offers the following valuable details:

  • Determining the physics involved in the car accident
  • Establishing the movements and speed of the vehicles
  • Coming to conclusions about whether the drivers used the brakes at the moment of the collision or if the car accelerated right before the crash
  • Determining the impact of the force
  • Determining if any other factors caused the crash, including road conditions, weather, or maintenance issues
  • Creating a reconstruction of the accident through a computer program to show how the accident might have happened, and the damages caused

The accident reconstruction expert testifies in the car accident claim by highlighting his findings. Additionally, the expert creates a written report of his findings that can prove useful for the insurance company claims.

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