How Cellphones Lead to Truck Accidents

Driving a large vehicle like a semi-truck on the road can be stressful. Between long hours and heavy loads, there’s not much time for rest. But one thing that can make an already stressful job even more challenging is using your cellphone while driving.

It may sound harmless to check your emails or send a text message from behind the wheel. However, studies have shown that using mobile devices behind the wheel increases the risk of accidents by as much as four times.

In fact, at least half of all truck drivers admit having used their phones while operating their vehicles in some way (texting, talking or scrolling through social media). Some even admit to doing so while driving through urban areas with heavy traffic, such as Chicago and New York City!

In this article, we look at how cellphone usage leads to truck accidents on the road. Stay with us to learn more about the process and how you can stop it.

Cellphone Usage

More than half of all truck drivers who have phones in their vehicles use them while driving. Cellphone use while driving is dangerous because it takes your eyes off the road, which makes it difficult for you to see what’s ahead of you. Research shows that even brief glances at an object other than the road can lead to increased risks for accidents; this includes looking down at a cellphone or checking email messages on your phone!

You’re probably familiar with the dangers of texting while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that using a cellphone while driving increases your risk of crash or near-crash by 23 times. That’s why many states have banned the practice, and many more are considering doing so.

A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that truckers who had phones in their vehicles were three times more likely to be involved in an accident than other drivers. The risk of an accident was even higher for drivers who used their phones while driving, with some studies finding that using the phone quadrupled the likelihood of a crash or near-crash event compared to no phone use at all.

Cellphones Can Distract Drivers

Distracted driving is a serious problem, and cellphones are one of the biggest distractions. Studies have shown that drivers who use their phones while driving are more likely to be involved in accidents than those who don’t use them at all. Truck drivers are even more likely to be distracted by their phones because they need to stay focused on the road at all times–and they’re often responsible for transporting hazardous materials that could cause an explosion if they’re not handled properly.

So, what does this mean? If you send a text message while behind the wheel or answer an important call from work (or anyone else), you increase your chances of getting into an accident with someone else on the road.

Technology Usage Changes Reaction Time

Secondly, technology changes the way we drive by decreasing our reaction time and making us less safe behind the wheel. For example, texting or using GPS on your phone takes away all of your attention from what’s happening on the road in front of you.

This is because smartphones are always connected to networks via WIFI or cellular service, meaning that they can receive information from other devices without needing a physical connection like Bluetooth does (see how smartphones work). Because of this ability for instant communication between devices–and therefore between people–there’s more potential for distraction than ever before!


You may think that you can use your cellphone safely while driving, but it’s not worth the risk. You could be putting yourself and others in danger by using your phone while behind the wheel. To avoid accidents caused by distracted driving, keep your phone out of reach when driving and don’t use it at all if possible. If this isn’t an option for you, try to keep calls short so they don’t take too much time away from focusing on traffic conditions around town.

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