How Determining Fault Can Be an Obstacle To Cost-Effective Legal Solutions In Las Vegas, Nevada

According to one report, 2.28 million people were injured in traffic accidents across the US in 2020. Traffic accidents have also significantly increased in Nevada over the years, leading to severe injuries and/or fatalities. The Nevada State Police Office of Traffic Safety reports hundreds of traffic accidents each year that contribute to the rise of personal injury claims filed annually in the state.

If you’ve sustained an injury in a traffic accident, it’s imperative you hire a personal injury lawyer for your case as determining fault can be a major obstacle in getting compensation. Here’s why.

here May Be More Than One Person at Fault

Determining fault in car accidents is particularly tricky if multiple people are responsible for your injuries. This is especially likely if the injuries sustained are severe or life-threatening. Each participant needs to be evaluated to determine who caused the accident and is liable for the victim’s injuries.

That said, having more than one person at fault may increase your chances of getting a just compensation for your injuries. Nevada’s law holds all negligent parties responsible, which means you may have greater chances of recovering your losses and getting compensated for the damages. You may even be allowed to choose who to collect compensation from, if the parties involved reach a consensus. A personal injury lawyer can help determine who’s at fault and how to proceed.

You Were Partly Responsible

Another challenge arises if you were partially responsible for the accident (and the injuries caused because of it). In some cases, it’s difficult to determine which party was entirely responsible for the traffic accident. Sometimes, both parties may be equally responsible or one party may be more responsible than the other, irrespective of who sustained injuries.

When this happens, the rule of comparative negligence is applied. According to this rule, both drivers share a percentage of the blame and compensation is adjusted accordingly. Since this is a tricky situation, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the situtation.

What Happens If Fault Cannot Be Determined?

Sometimes, the police or insurance companies are unable to determine fault. When this happens, you may opt for arbitration and mutually agree on a settlement. If the other party refuses to engage in this, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to file a claim and pursue legal action.  

The team at The Bourassa Law Group can help you with this. The law firm specializes in personal injury cases and helps clients in Nevada with their car accident injury settlements. Their personal injury attorneys also offer free consultations.

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