How Las Vegas Law Firms Investigate Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycles can be a fun and thrilling ride. However, they are equally dangerous. According to Forbes, motorcycle accidents account for approximately 18% of fatalities and 4% of injuries. Motorcycle accidents can be caused due to several reasons, including drivers’ lack of caution, weather conditions, medical events, or government negligence in road maintenance.

At Bourassa Law Group, we have years of experience investigating motorcycle accident claims and getting compensation for our clients. This blog will take you through how our Las Vegas accident lawyer investigates motorcycle accident claims.

How Las Vegas Law Firms Investigate Motorcycle Claims

Below are a few steps Las Vegas law firms like Bourassa Law Group take to investigate motorcycle claims efficiently:

Scene Evaluation and Documentation of Proof

Once an individual has been in a motorcycle accident, we recommend they call our Las Vegas accident lawyer immediately. This is because after you contact us from the scene of the accident, we immediately send our team of investigators to the location to evaluate the scene and document proof through video and images. Although you can contact us several days after the accident, getting in touch immediately allows us to gather fresh evidence before it is tampered with.

Our professional investigators know what to look for when an individual is in a motorcycle accident. They photograph everything from skid marks and traffic signs to signage and road conditions. This visual evidence empowers us to create a strong case against the individuals liable for your motorcycle accident.

Additionally, our seasoned investors leverage modern technology to gather critical proof. We have the resources and connections that help us collect data from resources like surveillance cameras and vehicle data records. This data can offer us insight into the important details like the vehicle speed and other accident dynamics that can help us present a compelling case in front of the judge.

Collecting Eyewitness Testimonies

After the initial proof documentation, we gather more in-depth evidence by getting eyewitness testimonies from the individuals present during the accident. Capturing the perspectives of people who witnessed the accident offers valuable insight into the events that led to the accident and helps debunk who might be liable for it. Furthermore, our investigators use unique investigation techniques when interviewing eyewitnesses to ensure high accuracy and encourage open communication.

These meticulously planned interviews let us get every small detail of the accident. Later we pay close attention to the information we get from eyewitness testimonies to pinpoint any details that might offer key insights. Eye witness accounts can help us defend your case against the other party involved in court and challenge their narratives or false accounts surrounding the incident.

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Accident Reconstruction

Sometimes there may not be enough evidence to present a compelling counterargument. However, this doesn’t stop us from getting compensation for our clients. Our expert investigators use unique investigation methods like accident reconstruction to understand the case better. Accident reconstruction allows us to piece missing puzzles together and determine the factors that might have contributed to the accident, helping shed light on the probable instances of negligence from third parties like government entities.

Obtaining a Police Report

Obtaining the police report from the local law enforcement authorities can also be an integral part of a motorcycle accident claim investigation. The police report from the accident may contain important information, like the responding law enforcement officials’ insights on the accident. If the evidence from the police report suggests that the police official believed that the other party involved in the accident was at fault, it could help lawyers create a compelling case in front of the court and convince the judge to offer you the compensation you deserve.

Documentation of Medical Records and Repair Expenses

Resources like medical records and bike repair expenses can be powerful tools for the success of motorcycle claim cases. Medical records have a detailed account of the physical injuries sustained by an individual, which can offer insight into the extent of the injuries caused during the accident and the expenses incurred in treating them. Additionally, bike repair expenses and cost estimations can allow lawyers to ensure their clients receive fair compensation for their losses, and the compensation covers every expense that may have resulted from the accident.

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