How Long Does a Catastrophic Injury Claim Take?

Every year, hundreds of Nevada residents fall victim to different types of catastrophic injuries caused by car accidents, slips and falls, and other types of accidents. Common injuries include spinal cord damage, amputation, third-degree burns, paralysis, nerve damage, and blindness, to name a few.

Therefore, catastrophic injury cases are typically more complex and last longer since victims generally require long-term active medical care. As a result, it is often difficult to determine the permanent prognosis and treatment recommendations. Hence, many victims and Nevada personal injury lawyers wait before filing a suit for an unforeseeable period.

In general, catastrophic injury claims can easily take up to a year or longer to resolve. However, there’s no set timeline for the process as the legal procedures are affected by several factors, which we’ll highlight in this post.

Settlement or Trial?

Catastrophic injury cases can either end with a settlement or go to trial. However, most insurance companies are anxious to settle to protect their insured, as juries can easily pass a verdict and demand defendants to pay a huge sum of money. A fair settlement also makes the process more convenient for plaintiffs, especially those recovering from the injuries.

Victim’s Death Due to Injuries

Sometimes, catastrophic injury cases can take longer if the victim dies after filing a lawsuit. In this case, a substitute plaintiff, usually a family member, takes over the lawsuit. However, instead of compensation for economic and non-economic damages, the plaintiffs can now sue for wrongful death or survival action.

In most cases, lawyers would have to re-plead catastrophic injury cases if their clients die, increasing the timeline of the claim process.

Plaintiff’s Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is an important factor the courts in Nevada consider when determining the value of each case. Young victims are usually entitled to higher compensation since most catastrophic injuries can affect every aspect of their life. As a result, settlement processes can take longer than usual due to the complexities involved in predicting life expectancy before they can be used to influence a claim’s value.

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