How Much Can You Claim for a Cycle Accident in Vegas?

Cyclists are the group of people most at risk on the road. There aren’t four walls around you, seatbelts, or airbags. Your alertness and a helmet are your best defenses. But regrettably, this typically isn’t sufficient to stop a careless driver from harming you.

Every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, scores of bikers are knocked from their bikes by automobiles, and regrettably, some of them pass away. According to statistics, Nevada is one of the friendliest states for cyclists, but that fact is not comforting if you have ever been hurt in a bike/car incident.

We are aware of how terrible the situation is. You could sustain injuries as a biker that keep you from riding again. Even though you wore your bike helmet, you might have suffered a concussion or catastrophic brain injury. The future of your child could be affected by crippling or disfiguring injuries. Your loss of a parent, partner, or kid may be causing you grief. It is terrible, and filing a lawsuit won’t improve things.

Demanding compensation, however, can assist your family in getting some measure of justice and allowing them to proceed without further financial hardship.

So, how much can you claim for a cycling accident in Vegas where you or a loved one were hurt? This article provides information on how cycle accident claims are calculated, which helps you better understand the value of your cycle accident claim in Las Vegas.

How Is Fault Determined In a Cycle Accident?

Contrary to popular opinion among drivers, cyclists are entitled to the same rights as drivers of motor vehicles. If a driver had to go around you and it caused an accident, you are not necessarily at fault. Automobiles are required by law to give a bike enough room when passing.

The same rules that apply to other road users also apply to bikers. Cyclists must ensure they ride safely and adhere to all traffic regulations. It would be best to determine who was at fault before determining your rights and the possible next steps.

You might be at fault for moving out in front of a car without indicating or checking for oncoming traffic. If so, you are barred from filing a claim. However, they are at fault if a driver struck you while browsing on Social media such as Facebook or was otherwise inattentive or driving recklessly.

Finding out who or what is to blame is the first step. Another concept is partial blame, which allows the persons involved to share some guilt for the incident. For instance, if you were 10% at fault for various reasons, your right to compensation would be reduced.

How Much Compensation Can You Get From a Cycle Accident Claim in Vegas?

 The amount of your damages is the compensation value for your bicycle accident. Your losses in money and compensation for your physical and emotional pain are included in your injuries. Your damages cover the monetary losses you sustain due to the accident, and additional amounts cover any non-financial losses related to being involved in a bicycle accident.

Calculating the cost of your financial damages in a bicycle accident claim is simple. Add up all of your losses. These are all the expenses related to the accident and the other ways it has prevented you from making money.

Do you want to know how much your claim for a bicycle accident is worth? The Bourassa Law Group’s expert, Las Vegas injury attorneys, can help. Allow our specialist attorneys to assess your claim and provide an accurate estimate of its value. Call us at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation!

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