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How Pedestrian Accident Lawyers In Denver Make Life Easier for Pedestrians Injured in Accidents

An auto-pedestrian accident is a life-changing event, both for the driver and the pedestrian. Car accident injuries always bear the threat of being fatal, but when a person on foot is struck by a car, regardless of fault, it can traumatize everyone involved.

Bourassa Law Group has handled many motor vehicle cases in Denver, and their team knows how difficult it can be to relive the incident. However, given the seriousness of the accident, any negligence or recklessness needs to be legally pursued with the help of accident and injury attorneys.

The law firm operates in many locations, and with a glowing record of accomplishment and plenty of experience with personal injury cases, its legal services are sure to exceed expectations. Not only will they help the claimant secure a settlement that’ll help them manage the costs incurred, but their services make handling insurance companies easier. Work with them and find convenient, positive, and cost-effective legal solutions!

Determining Fault

One of the first steps a personal injury attorney will take is to start determining fault, based not only on the series of events that occurred but also on the evidence available. If they’re representing the pedestrian in an impaired driving case, but there’s no evidence that the driver had used substances before getting behind the wheel, it falls to counsel to build a case without it.

This will involve sorting through events one by one and building a claim where they can show that the defendant was negligent or reckless. This is a big challenge faced by insurance policyholders who are usually trying to avoid responsibility and avoid a payout for damages. You need a lawyer on your side, because the driver has an insurance company who is helping the driver gather documentation and build a defense as soon as they learn about the claim.

Can The Pedestrian Be Held Liable?

The pedestrian can be held accountable if they were the negligent party, but also if a case can be built painting them as the negligent party. If the driver was following comprehensive safety protocols, then the insurance company might  be able to help them build a case against the pedestrian.

In this case, the pedestrian needs a legal team to handle all communication with the other party’s liability insurance company and navigate the minefield the insurance company will try to get you to walk through.

Cases That Unequivocally Put The Driver At Fault

The driver would be at fault, almost without question, if they were already in violation of the law. If they were speeding, not using their headlights at night, or refusing to slow down at crosswalks, they’re recklessly endangering the lives of everyone around them. However, that will not stop an at-fault driver or their insurance company from trying to make it look like the pedestrian’s fault.

Bourassa Law Group offers free consultations with attorneys in Denver that know the ins and outs of auto-pedestrian accident cases. This law firm has an experienced and empathetic team that includes brain injury lawyers, truck accident attorneys, and dog bite injury attorneys. If you’d like to get in touch with the experts, click here to fill in the contact form.

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