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How Swimming Pool Design Reduces Risk of Drowning Accidents in Las Vegas

Drowning in swimming pools is one of the leading causes of death for children. Children from ages 1-4 are most high in the category. Nearly 80% of people who die from drowning are male.

Several methods can help facilities lower the risk of injuries that may result in drowning incidents, in addition to the standard safety measures like encouraging swim lessons, stationing lifeguards, and requesting that visitors keep a watch on the members of their groups.

Here’s an insight into how swimming pool design reduces the risk of drowning accidents in Las Vegas.

How Swimming Pool Design Reduces Risk of Drowning Accidents in Las Vegas

Here are some of the key ways a swimming pool design can help mitigate the risk of drowning accidents:

  • Using slip-resistant decking can help decrease the risk of slip and fall accidents, eventually leading to lesser drowning accidents. It will also lower the risk of severe injuries from slipping, falling, or drowning in the pool.
  • Installing an adequate-length fence around the pool area is an essential safety measure all swimming pool facilities should take. The fence must be four feet high with self-latching and self-closing gates the children cannot reach. It will help prevent unauthorized access to the pool area and lower the risk of drowning accidents.
  • Installing safety alarms and features, including underwater pool, door, and gate alarms, is crucial as they will help provide additional safety. It will help signal the safety team in case of an accident and lower the chances of injuries and drownings.
  • There should be proper lighting around the pool area, and it will help improve visibility, mainly during the night and reduce the chances of accidents. If the path is well-lit, swimmers will be better able to see the high-end areas.
  • A pool cover is an excellent addition to the safety of individuals when the pool is not in use. It will help prevent accidents such as drowning in a pool unattended. But you must ensure your pool cover is durable, solid, and properly installed.
  • The pool should be marked at different points, indicating its depth at each level. It will help swimmers know what level they should be at and alert them if they’re going too deep. It will also help them not jump into the pool’s deep end and prevent serious accidents or injuries.
  • The pool should have good visibility. The swimmers must see where they are swimming and have a clear view of their surroundings. The pool should be designed such that the swimmer can spot a potential risk from miles away.

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