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How to Build a Whiplash Claim After a Car Accident in Nevada

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries resulting from a car accident in Nevada. Symptoms related to whiplash usually appear a couple of weeks after the accident takes place. Regardless of the circumstances related to the accident, you should ensure that you visit a medical professional or a chiropractor to get all physical injuries cleared.

Whiplash can not only lead to serious pain after the accident, but it can also take a significant amount of time to recover from. In this article, we take a look at how you can build a whiplash claim after a car accident in Nevada. Stay with us for more details.

Go to a Doctor and Rest

As important as it is to visit a doctor or a practitioner, you should also remember that the physical and mental strain that you have suffered due to the accident can only go away with proper rest. In fact, most doctors would prescribe you a period of rest, in which you should look to limit your movement.

Many people turn up to their workplace battered and bruised the very next day after their accident, which could mean that your body is not getting the proper time to rest. It is also advised that you take some time off from work after a car accident because of the fact that most accidents are followed by extensive court proceedings and litigation.

Report the Accident to the Police

In Nevada, you are required to report any car accident that causes damage to property over $750. Contact the police immediately after the accident and cooperate with their investigation.

The police report will be a vital piece of evidence in your whiplash claim, as it will document the details of the accident, including the parties involved, the location, and the cause of the crash.

Gather Evidence at the Scene

Make sure you gather as much evidence from the site of the accident as possible. Additionally, collect contact information from any witnesses at the scene. Witness statements can be valuable in supporting your claim, as they can provide an unbiased account of the events leading up to the accident.

Keep a Record of Your Medical Treatment

Maintain a detailed record of all medical treatment you receive for your whiplash injury. This includes doctor’s visits, physical therapy sessions, medications, and any other treatments or procedures you undergo. Keep copies of all medical bills, receipts, and insurance statements related to your treatment. These documents will serve as evidence of your injury and the expenses you have incurred as a result of the accident.

Try Therapy

The mental trauma that a car accident can lead to is just horrifying to even think of. Accidents involving loss of life, among other damages may cause much mental trauma among victims that survived the ordeal. Thus, the best option for individuals to try out here is therapy, as it can help enhance your movement towards a better and more rejuvenated mental state.

Document Your Pain and Suffering

In addition to your medical expenses and lost wages, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. To support this aspect of your claim, keep a daily journal detailing your symptoms, pain levels, and the impact of your injury on your daily life. This documentation will help paint a clear picture of the physical and emotional toll your whiplash injury has taken on you.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

Navigating the legal process of a whiplash claim can be complex and overwhelming. It’s essential to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected. A skilled attorney can evaluate your case, gather additional evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary.

File Your Whiplash Claim

In Nevada, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years from the date of the accident. This means you must file your whiplash claim within this timeframe to be eligible for compensation. To initiate your claim, your attorney will file a complaint with the appropriate court, outlining the details of your case and the damages you are seeking.

Negotiate a Settlement or Proceed to Trial

Once your claim is filed, your attorney will attempt to negotiate a fair settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company. If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, your case may proceed to trial. During the trial, your attorney will present evidence and argue on your behalf to prove that the other party was negligent and that their negligence directly caused your whiplash injury.

In conclusion, building a whiplash claim after a car accident in Nevada involves several steps, including seeking medical attention, gathering evidence, and consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. By following these steps and acting promptly, you can increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

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