How to Remove Slip & Fall Hazards from Your Property

Slip and fall accidents are common in many workplaces, resulting in major personal injury claims in Nevada. However, most of these slip and fall accidents can be avoided by taking measures to remove slip and fall hazards from the property.

Taking these measures can keep you and your visitors safe while protecting you from liability. Here are some tips to keep your property free from slip and fall hazards:

Conduct a Survey of the Property

Start by walking around your property to look for any problems or hazards that could lead to slip and fall accidents. This may include:

  • Uneven platforms
  • Damaged flooring
  • Cracked or broken walkways
  • Bumps or potholes in the parking area
  • Messy wires and cords

Get all the issues fixed promptly to avoid any slip and fall accidents.

Use Safety and Caution Signs

In case some issues can’t be fixed immediately, post a warning sign to alert the visitors. This not only reduces the chances of a slip and fall accident but also can remove liability from your business in case someone files a claim. Similarly, a caution sign should be placed in areas the employees have mopped.

Keep Walking Areas Clutter-Free and Clean

Keeping all walkways clean and clear can drastically decrease the chances of a slip and fall injury. A path that is unobstructed reduces the opportunity for visitors to trip or slip over an object.

Keep Stairways Well-Lit and Clean with Sturdy Handrails

Many slip and fall accidents occur on staircases, which is why additional precaution is needed to prevent any accidents. Make sure the stairs are well-lit and free from any loose objects. Place handrails on the stairway if you haven’t already, and mark the bottom and top stairs with reflective tape. Moreover, it is best to remove any unsecured carpets and rugs from the stairs.

Get Problems Repaired Immediately

If there are any areas that need repair, avoid waiting and get them fixed immediately. These repairs might include:

  • Switching to floorings that are less slippery
  • Fixing the potholes in the parking lot
  • Getting uneven floor fixed

This will keep your property hazard free and prevent slip and fall accidents.

Get Routine Maintenance

Every property needs regular maintenance as daily wear and tear causes issues gradually. This could include your walkways, curbs, and sidewalks cracking or weeds and roots forming in the curbs and sidewalks. Getting these issues fixed through regular maintenance can drastically reduce slip and fall accidents.

Immediately Clean Spills

In case of a spill, the floor surface can quickly penetrate and make it more slippery if not cleaned immediately. Therefore, not only should you put up warning signs but also quickly clean them up to prevent any accidents.

Have Proper Lighting in all Areas

Lack of lighting is a major contributor to slip and fall accidents. Monitor different areas on your property and find the ones with shadows, glare, or poor visibility. Install more lighting in these areas as it is difficult to spot hazards in such areas.

Consult Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Nevada to Help with your Case

Taking suitable precautions to remove any slip and fall hazards from your property can go a long way in preventing any injuries. Moreover, when you have taken proper measures to prevent such accidents, it can also protect you in case someone files a case against you after slipping and falling on your property.

Our personal injury lawyers at Bourassa Law Group can protect you in such cases and gather evidence to support your claim. Contact us at (800)870-8910 or send a message to book your free consultation to discuss your case.

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