How to Sue Your Employer for Breach of Confidentiality in Colorado

Confidentiality is a core aspect of workplace relationships, especially between employers and employees. Employees can pursue legal action when employers trade employee secrets and fail to protect their privacy and sensitive information without proper authorization. However, you must have an experienced Colorado employment law attorney to represent you and get maximum compensation for damages.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll share how to sue your employer for breach of confidentiality in Colorado so that you can take prompt and effective legal action accordingly.

Breach of Confidentiality Explained

Breach of confidentiality is the unauthorized disclosure or misuse of private/sensitive information. In the context of employment, it refers to the illegal use or disclosure of personal information, including (but not limited to):

  • Social security number
  • Banking details
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Previous employment details
  • Personal information (marital status, health complications, etc.)

How to File a Breach of Confidentiality Lawsuit

1. Gather Relevant Evidence

Before suing your employer for a breach of confidentiality, you must collect sufficient evidence to support your claim, including (but not limited to):

  • Emails
  • Witness statements
  • Footage
  • Call records
  • Documents
  • Online records, etc.

2. Consult a Colorado Employee Rights Lawyer

Next, you must seek the guidance of an experienced Colorado attorney specializing in employment law. They will help you understand the essentials of breach of confidentiality cases, evaluate your claim’s strengths and weaknesses, and represent you in court.

3. Review Company Policies & Contract Terms

Once you’ve consulted with a lawyer, you must review your workplace policies and employment contract. Your lawyer will review the confidentiality clauses and agreements. More importantly, these documents usually outline how to handle breaches of confidentiality.

4. Attempt Mediation

Mediation is one of the most important steps you can and should take, especially if you have a good relationship with your employer. Settling matters outside the court is a smart way to save time and money. You can reach a resolution by finding a middle ground.

5. File a Lawsuit

Suppose mediation doesn’t work or isn’t an option. In that case, your employment lawyer will draft and file a breach of confidentiality lawsuit against your lawyer, outlining all the breach details and evidence, along with the desired compensation.

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Contact a Colorado Employee Rights Lawyer Right Away!

At the Bourassa Law Group, we believe confidentiality is an indispensable aspect of the employer-employee relationship. Hence, both parties must do their due diligence to ensure no breach of trust during their contract period.

However, if your employer breaks confidentiality, it may be in your best interest to file a lawsuit against them. Your sensitive information or trade secrets are valuable assets that must be protected.

Our Colorado employee rights lawyers will provide the legal expertise you need to get maximum compensation for any damages caused by the breach. We’ll thoroughly understand your employment contract, gather relevant evidence to pursue legal action, and hold the responsible party accountable.

We strive to play our role in fostering a positive workplace culture where both employees and employers respect confidentiality.

So, get in touch now for a free consultation at 800-870-8910. We’ll discuss your case and strategize accordingly.

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