Long Term Medical Care in Drowning Cases: Estimating Future Expenses

Drowning accidents can be debilitating for both the survivor and their families. They can have a severe, long-lasting impact on the lives of the patient and everyone surrounding them. Thus, it is important to calculate and fight for long-term medical expenses that can assist survivors.

The following article explores the oft-overlooked aspect of compensation for drowning cases, i.e., future medical expenses. However, it is important to understand safety guidelines when near bodies of water and to protect yourself at all costs.

Long-Term Medical Care Needs in Drowning Cases

Here are some of the needs that a survivor may experience in the years following a drowning incident;

Respiratory Complications

For a drowning survivor, one of the biggest complications might be related to their lungs. A near-drowning experience may lead to pneumonia, lung infections, and even a permanent lung infection to some degree.

Long-term care is thus required for frequent respiratory illnesses resulting from the drowning accident. This includes frequent evaluations of the lungs, a need for inhalers, or the need for surgical intervention in the worst case. This is where a drowning accident lawyer comes in to help!

Neurological Impairments

A drowning accident can also potentially lead to long-lasting neurological impairments. This includes oxygen deprivation during the incident, possibly leading to long-term brain damage. For some, this may emerge in the form of cognitive deficits. For others, it can lead to memory issues or seizures.

Long-term medical compensation can allow survivors to manage their doctor visits, therapy, and prescriptions they need to control the condition.

Physical and Psychological Support

For many victims of drowning, physical disabilities are common. Brain injuries and physical contact can force them to undergo many years of recovery, which requires much management and financial investment. Support may be required to get back on their feet, including physical therapy or mobility aids.

In some cases, the survivors might also require psychological support as they may develop trauma-related disorders after the accident. Long-term psychological care is required to overcome these issues and return to their normal lifestyle.


When it comes to drowning victims, surgical procedures and medications may be required for several years until they get back to functionality. Moreover, depending on the patient’s level of impairment, the victim’s family may need to provide ongoing care.

drowning accident lawyer can help you fight your case in court and gather all the evidence required to support it. They can usually get you the settlement you deserve outside of court.

Estimating Future Expenses

Here are some things to consider when you begin estimating future expenses;

The Calculation

Proving eligibility for future medical expenses is easier if you have experienced a drowning incident due to another party’s negligence. This type of medical cost is often known as “additional expense.” So, what does additional expense really mean?

The additional expense approach allows insurance companies to calculate whether drowning victims are entitled to receive lifetime payments for future medical expenses. If you are looking to qualify for lifetime payments, it is up to you to calculate your medical expenses for the future. You must also prove that you have incurred medical costs and will continue to incur them in the future.

These include any prescription drugs, surgeries, doctor appointments, or therapy.

Sometimes, the money you spend on future healthcare cannot be determined. Insurance companies often try to prove that the ongoing condition is linked to a previous one. However, you can use your condition before the incident to prove the future medical expenses you will require.

The Approach

In most cases, the total lifestyle approach is the one that works best after you have encountered a serious injury. It can cover all the medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and any other issues you may have encountered due to the event.

An attorney can help you estimate your future expenses by determining how much you invested in healthcare before the incident and considering your current expenditure to determine the future cost.

Final Thoughts

It is important to fight for not just the compensation for your current medical expenditure but also the one you will encounter in the future. It is difficult to prove internal injuries or emotional distress in court long after the incident has passed. So you must do it as soon as possible.

Make sure you record all of your injuries and keep a paper trail so that it is easier to prove your medical needs in court. A drowning accident lawyer can help you gather all the documentation in time and prove your future medical expenses in court!

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