Navigating the Complexity of Police Misconduct Cases Involving Minors

According to the Police Scorecard, Nevada is among the highest-ranked states for police misconduct and brutality. Since 2013, there have been over 5,000 civilian complaints, 200+ deaths, and over a million arrests. Police misconduct is becoming a pressing concern for all segments of the population, including minors.

Children and teenagers are the most vulnerable members of any society. Hence, police misconduct cases involving them are much more serious. If you believe that a minor, whether it’s your child or someone you know, has been a victim of police assault, false arrest, or discrimination, don’t hesitate to take action.

Reach out to an experienced police brutality lawyer Las Vegas at BLG to file a claim immediately. In this post, we’ll explain how experienced Nevada excessive force and misconduct attorneys handle cases involving minors.

Key Challenges in Police Misconduct Cases Involving Minors

1. Vulnerability

Minors typically include children and teenagers under 18. These individuals have limited life experience and legal knowledge, making them more vulnerable in police misconduct cases since they won’t be able to grasp their rights and navigate the legal procedures.

2. Accountability

According to the same data provided by Police Scorecard, only 25% of police misconduct complaints are upheld. This is already a significant concern in Nevada. Hence, proving liability and accountability becomes even more complex when minors are involved.

3. Trauma

Even adults can experience long-lasting emotional and psychological trauma following a false arrest or assault. So, you can imagine the scars such incidents could leave on minors and the scale of impact on their mental well-being.

Police misconduct lawsuits are among the most difficult cases to prosecute, especially when minors are involved. Police brutality lawyers Las Vegas must get parental consent at every step of the process and ensure the minor’s rights are protected at all times.

5. Racial Disparities

Racial disparities in police violence also affect cases involving teenagers and children, especially those from African-American and Latinx backgrounds. Hence, seeking justice and getting compensation for economic and non-economic damages becomes more difficult due to systematic issues like racial profiling and discrimination.

6. Arrests for Low-Level Offenses

In many cases, minors are arrested for low-level offenses that don’t always warrant an arrest, including traffic violations, disorderly misconduct, trespassing, or public nuisance. Although these are still offenses, they shouldn’t prompt Nevada police officers to use excessive force or assault minors.

How Police Brutality Lawyers Las Vegas Litigate Police Misconduct Cases Involving Minors

Police misconduct attorneys Las Vegas approach cases involving minors with extra care, accounting for the key challenges mentioned above during litigation. Below is an overview of the process:

1. Child Advocacy

Las Vegas police brutality lawyers prioritize the best interests of the minor, like any other victim. However, they understand that these individuals are more vulnerable and potentially traumatized. Hence, they work closely with child advocacy organizations in Nevada to protect and assert their rights. These organizations include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Children’s Advocacy Alliance
  • Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada – Children’s Attorneys Project
  • Clark County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
  • Children’s Justice Center, etc.

2. Guardian Involvement

Parents and guardians play a significant role in police misconduct cases involving minors. Hence, attorneys keep them informed and ensure they understand the legal proceedings. Parents also provide consent in different aspects of the litigation process and work with guardians appointed by the court in extreme cases.

3. Emphasis on Trauma

Police misconduct attorneys Nevada typically build their cases around the physical, mental, and emotional trauma minors experience due to excessive force, assault, or racial discrimination. They collaborate with experts, including therapists and doctors, to assess and document the impact of the incident on the victims.

4. Age-Appropriate Communication

In cases involving children under 13, lawyers explain the legal concepts in a way that’s easily understandable for their young clients. They prioritize the minor’s well-being and comfort during legal procedures to protect their youth and innocence as much as possible.

5. Building a Strong Case

Experienced Nevada police misconduct attorneys collect different evidence, including:

  • Police body camera footage
  • Medical records
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Police reports
  • Expert witness testimony, etc.

They use this information to prove liability and sue the police department.

6. Negotiation and Mediation

In some cases, the responsible police department may be willing to negotiate to avoid the case from going to trial. This is a win-win for both parties involved. The department can focus on its core duties and responsibilities. Meanwhile, the victim can avoid additional stress and trauma and get compensation quickly.

7. Trial Preparation & Verdict

Unfortunately, many cases involving the police go to trial, as departments have to maintain their reputation in the community. Attorneys diligently prepare minors for courtroom techniques to make the process less intimidating. Following the trial, the judge or jury decides the verdict. If it’s in the favor of the victim, they’ll be awarded the compensation as per their police misconduct lawsuit.

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