Nevada Premises Liability Law and Swimming Pool Injuries

With drowning recognized as the third leading cause of accidental death worldwide by the WHO, most US states have taken measures to reduce (if not eliminate) their occurrence. Nevada Premises Liability Law is a part of those efforts. While the law covers a range of incidental injury cases, the one we’re going to talk about is swimming pool accidents.

What is Nevada Premises Liability Law?

The Nevada Premises Liability law is a set of safety rules and binding guidelines for property owners. In other words, the law dictates what people must do to ensure their property doesn’t pose a safety hazard to anyone. It also protects victims by allowing them to file compensation claims for injuries sustained on someone else’s property due to their failure to take adequate safety measures.

The Nevada Premises Liability law applies to both private and commercial properties.

How Does Nevada Premises Liability Law Relate to Pool Injuries?

Considering that swimming pools pose a considerable safety risk and are a leading cause of unintentional injuries, particularly to children, Nevada laws require commercial and private properties with pools to meet various safety obligations. The failure to do so can make you liable in case a pool accident or drowning incident takes place on your property. If proven guilty, you may have to pay compensatory damages for medical treatment, lost wages, and/or pain and suffering.

Swimming Pool is an Attractive Nuisance

The pool may be a valuable addition to your house and has increased its value multifold. But the law considers it ‘an attractive nuisance.’

An attractive nuisance, in the legal dictionary, is any element on a property that people are generally attracted to but it can be potentially dangerous for them.

A pool fits this definition. It appeals to most people, and they may want to use it, even when they don’t know how to swim. Swimming pools also appeal to many children. They may even trespass into your property to use them, which puts them at risk of injury or drowning. Therefore, you must take measures to prevent any unfortunate incident. Otherwise, you will be held legally responsible for the accident and must pay compensation for damages incurred.

Contact The Bourassa Law Group to File a Swimming Pool Injury Claim in Nevada

If you, a friend, or a family member has been in a pool accident caused not by their own mistake but by someone else’s negligence or lack of safety protocols, you can file a Premises Liability law claim in Nevada.

While nothing can compensate for the pain or damage you have suffered, our Nevada swimming pool injury lawyers can help you secure compensation for medical treatment and financial losses you may have incurred due to someone else’s fault or negligence.

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