Never Represent Yourself In Motor Vehicle Accident Cases In Las Vegas—Here’s Why

Did you know that people who aren’t lawyers can appear in court without legal representation in Nevada? It’s called appearing pro se, and while some people find the idea of trying their case appealing, it’s not recommended, especially for a motor vehicle accident. While the decision is entirely up to the individual, there are considerations to take before you avail this particular choice.

In a personal injury case, the claimant or defendant might think that having been involved in the accident, they’re the best person to relate the facts as they happened. However, personal injury attorneys at Bourassa Law Group say that the choice will likely do more harm than good to your case. This law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers free consultations with attorneys so that clients who aren’t entirely sure how to proceed can access sound legal advice without any commitment or obligation.

With so many complimentary reviews and successful personal injury cases under its belt, this firm knows how to plan for cost-effective legal solutions.

Here are a few reasons that they posit that appearing pro se as the plaintiff or the defendant isn’t conducive to a successful verdict:

Remaining Clearheaded and Objective After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Your personal injury lawyer will be working to secure a win for you, but they’re taken an oath to remain unbiased and adhere to the facts as they are. Although they only have access to the aftermath of the accident and eyewitness accounts, they’re trained to piece together evidence to corroborate the client’s story.

While trying your own case, it’d be nearly impossible to remain objective in a high-stakes situation, and any outburst or unsolicited remarks could be labeled as misconduct. In some cases, this could result in a mistrial, so the case would be dismissed.

The Way A Case Will Develop Is Unpredictable

Motor vehicle cases, in particular, often involve allegations of violations of state traffic law, which means that they could overlap with criminal law.

A car accident lawyer won’t be fazed by this. They’ll bring experience and skill to the table, meaning there’ll be little chance of procedural missteps. On the other hand, a layperson might have studied personal injury law in depth but won’t be skilled enough to navigate developments as they happen.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that the rules in a trial are different. In a trial, all parties must know and abide by the rules of evidence. The attorneys at the Bourassa Law Group know these rules and how best to use them with the facts of the motor vehicle crash to get the best outcome.  Pro se litigants, on the other hand, often make mistakes that cost them.

Unmoving Standards

It’s important to note that laypeople aren’t shown any leniency or given any chances that lawyers aren’t. As you proceed with the case, you’ll be held to the same standard as a professional. Given that you’ve just had a traumatic experience and are possibly recovering from car accident injuries, you might not be at your best.

At Bourassa Law Group, you’ll find top-notch motor vehicle accident and injury attorneys in Nevada. This team has experience handling cases, communicating effectively with liability insurance companies, and keeping the client updated at every stage. Their team also includes estate planning attorneys and asset protection attorneys. To speak to them about their services, click here to fill out the contact form.

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