Personal Injury Lawyers In Colorado Rank Modes Of Transportation By Safety

Whether it’s getting to work, school, or just running errands, everyone relies on various modes of transportation to get from one place to another. With the increasing demand for transportation options, it is important to understand which modes are the safest and how to stay protected while using them.

Personal injury lawyers see the consequences of accidents involving various forms of transportation and understand what’s safe and what’s not. In this article, Colorado’s personal injury lawyers take a closer look at the modes of transportation and rank them based on safety.

Public Transportation

If we measure personal injuries and fatalities, then public transport may be one of the safest options. It includes various subtypes like airplanes, buses, trains, and subways. For instance, there are roughly 70 to 90 plane crashes a year, including commercial and privately-owned planes, whereas there are millions of car crashes in comparison. Public transit has a relatively low risk of accidents when properly maintained and operated.

Bicycle Transportation

Bicycle transportation can be a safe mode of transportation when proper safety measures are taken. However, cyclists face unique hazards on the road, including exposure to the elements and a higher risk of accidents due to their smaller size and lack of physical protection compared to motor vehicles. Nearly 130,000 are injured yearly in the US, a significant number yet far less than the number of injured people in automobile accidents. Nevertheless, the number is significant enough to find specializing bicycle accident lawyers quite easily.

Automobiles & Motorcycle Transportation

The highest number of accidents recorded yearly regarding transportation happens for automobiles and motorcycle drivers. Cars are generally safe, but accidents increase with factors such as distracted or drunk driving, speeding, and poor road conditions. In Colorado, an average of 606 people die yearly from car accidents. On the other hand, motorcycles have a higher risk of accidents than cars due to their smaller size and greater exposure to the elements.

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