Proving Lost Earning Capacity Following a Car Accident in Nevada

After a car accident, it’s typical to miss work if you’re injured. You might only be out of work temporarily in some circumstances. In some cases, an injury might alter the trajectory of your entire career. Your lost wages are included in your damages if your injury stops you from working.

According to Nevada law, a victim of an accident or injury is entitled to compensation for lost earning capacity. It is the sum of future earnings that the victim will unquestionably lose following the filing date of any claim or out-of-court solution.

So, you can file a claim and receive compensation for the lost earnings if you were hurt in a car accident in Nevada and have to miss work as a result. In this article, you will learn when damages for lost earning capacity are typically awarded and how to prove lost earning capacity after a car accident in Nevada.

What Is Lost Earning Capacity?

The potential incapacity to work is one significant financial expense of experiencing a serious physical injury. When an injury keeps you from working, you cannot make money, making it more challenging to pay for medical bills and damage to property. Victims of personal injuries may be awarded damages for lost wages brought on by accident.

However, sometimes an accident results in a long-term or lifelong inability to work that lasts past the date of the lawsuit and the ruling ordering the payment of damages. Thankfully, victims of personal injuries are entitled to financial compensation for their lost ability to earn a living.

Financial damages, known as compensation for the lost earning capacity, are intended to compensate for the injured party’s diminished or lost capacity to generate future income.

How Is Lost Earning Capacity Different From Lost Wages?

Nevada law allows you to receive compensation for the following in the circumstances involving accidents or other personal injuries:

  • Income loss is anticipated as a result of your injuries moving forward.
  • Any lost wages and employment benefits that happened between the time of the injury and the filing of the claim or settlement.

Lost wages are frequently established with a high degree of certainty. They represent the money you have already lost due to missing work after an accident. But proving lost earning capacity in Nevada can be more difficult. The sum is calculated based on the money you would have made in the future had you not been injured.

The figures are more subjective and difficult to prove than lost wages, but it is still possible.

How to Prove Lost Earning Capacity in Nevada after a Car Accident?

An injured individual must demonstrate the amount of income they would have been able to generate had the accident not occurred to establish the loss of earning capacity. It can be challenging to prove the amount of damages because any computation for the loss of earning power is inevitably subjective. The sum must be established with a reasonable degree of certainty.

Damages for the lost earning capacity after a car accident in Nevada are challenging to calculate. It involves assessing the victim’s potential for future employment and career, including promotions, salary raises, and other impacts on potential income.

Even if some guesswork is involved in showing lost earning capacity, it’s still crucial to provide solid proof. Any fact that demonstrates your losses should be considered. Some of the details and supporting materials you could use in your case are:

  • How long do you expect your injuries to last
  • Your earnings before you were injured in a car accident in Nevada
  • Typical raises
  • Bonuses
  • General career growth in your industry
  • Your chances of promotions
  • Your age, health, and education
  • Your job performances and past appraisals

The list is incomplete, and you can use several other pieces of evidence to prove lost earning capacity after a car accident in Nevada.

It’s challenging enough to deal with the pain of a car accident in Nevada without worrying about paying for medical bills and fixing property damage. The problem is made worse by not being able to make enough money to pay for those expenses and your future sustenance.

Our knowledgeable Nevada personal injury attorneys will be able to build the strongest case for your recovery of damages for lost earnings by understanding the details of your case and how to deal with both expert and lay witnesses.

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