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Slip and Fall Accidents with Big Companies as Defendants

Slip and fall accidents occur quite commonly in the US. You may be surprised to know that many of the biggest companies in the world are involved in such cases. Many are curious about how these companies address the lawsuits against them and what the outcomes are.

You would expect big companies to hire the most competent lawyers as a defense to their cases. This is certainly true, but what are the outcomes?

Let’s explore some cases of slip and fall accidents with big companies as defendants.

1. McDonald’s Was Involved in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

In West Virginia, a woman claimed she had a slip and fall accident in a McDonald’s while walking to her table. She claimed the floor was wet, which caused her to slip and fall and get severe injuries.

As a result, she made a statement saying that McDonald’s was responsible because they should have had wet floor signs to warn customers of the tripping hazard.

Slip and fall accidents would be the property owner’s fault if there were no safety signs present for a hazard. Store owners must take full responsibility for the lack of safety in the establishment.

In this case, the woman filed a lawsuit against the company and store manager. However, the outcome has not yet been decided, and the case is still pending under further investigation.

2. Walmart Lost a Slip and Fall Case in Texas

In Texas, Walmart lost a slip and fall case where a young boy slipped in the store and incurred serious injuries. This occurred due to spilled liquid on the floor in the meat section, causing the boy to injure himself in the process.

The parents filed a lawsuit against Walmart because their son hurt his back and suffered a concussion. Walmart lost the case, meaning even the big companies cannot pull strings in their favor if they were genuinely at fault.

Walmart lost much money to this lawsuit, but the amount has not been disclosed. Therefore, if you prove you were injured due to a company’s negligence, the law is in your favor.

3. Taco Bell Got Involved in a Slip and Fall Case in Texas

A Taco Bell restaurant in Texas got involved in a slip and fall case. A woman was seriously injured after she slipped and fell on a greasy spill near the soda station at Taco Bell.

However, the establishment denied responsibility for the accident and claimed it was the woman’s fault. The woman claims she has been disfigured due to the accident, so she is asking for the maximum settlement possible for her case.

Even though Taco Bell is not taking responsibility for the case, the lawsuit is currently progressing in the woman’s favor.

Interestingly, all these establishments have CCTV footage that courts can access as part of the pending investigation. This makes it obvious who was at fault and settles the case in the victim’s favor.

Unsurprisingly, big companies will try to deny these claims, especially if they have good representation. However, many have lost these cases when incriminating evidence came to light.

Hire the Best Lawyers for your Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Slip and fall cases against big companies require the best representation. Without lawyers that understand your needs and go the extra mile to investigate your case, you will get mediocre results.

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