Slips and Falls in Commercial Kitchens – How to Prevent them?

Working in a commercial kitchen is fraught with challenges. This fast-paced environment makes employees susceptible to slips and falls, worsened by the use of slippery materials like oil. In light of this, restaurant owners and employees must take measures to prevent such an occurrence.

Slips and falls in commercial kitchens can cause mild to severe injury. Such accidents could cause physical injury and loss of wages while the injured party recovers. In most cases, the kitchen owner is held liable for slip and fall accidents due to premises liability. Hire a slip and fall accident lawyer to help you get the rightful compensation.

As a kitchen owner, you have much to lose if an employee falls and injures themselves while working in your kitchen. Interestingly, statistics show that most slip and fall accidents are avoidable. You can try to make your kitchen a safer place for everyone working there and avoid the possibility of a lawsuit.  

Here are some ways to prevent slip and fall accidents in commercial kitchens.

1. Use Slip-Resistant Mats

The kitchen is full of grease and oil. There may be areas, like near the cooking station, where an employee could slip over a greasy surface and fall. To avoid this occurrence, consider placing slip-resistant mats in high-traffic areas. These mats will provide more traction and ensure minimal to no incidence of slips, falls, and injuries.

2. Mandate Tidy Work Stations

Clean working stations are mandatory for health and safety. Vegetable scraps and fruit peels can fall to the ground and pose a slip and fall hazard to employees. Mandate that all chefs must tidy their workstations as they work. Discard any trash at that moment instead of waiting until you’re done working. Penalize employees who do not follow these rules.

3. Wear Appropriate Footwear

Most employees wear the shoes they deem most comfortable to work. As the restaurant owner, you must set a code for appropriate work wear, which includes shoes. All employees working in kitchens should be asked to wear slip-resistant shoes that will give employees extra grip on slippery surfaces. Once again, penalize employees for not complying.

4.  Place Wet Floor Signs

The use of liquid in kitchens can commonly result in water spills. This is a serious hazard as it can result in a slip and fall and a potentially serious injury. Ensure that wet floor signs are in place where they may be a spill to ensure employees exercise caution. Alternatively, encourage employees to clean up spills immediately.

5. Ensure Bright Lights

Employees are at a higher risk of tripping and falling in dimly lit kitchen. They may not notice a stair step or a wet floor. Poor lighting is a common reason for slip and fall accidents. The kitchen should have sufficient bright lights to ensure employees do not run into a hazard. The kitchen can provide sufficient lighting with regular repair and maintenance of light fixtures.

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If you encounter a slip and fall accident in a commercial kitchen, you may be liable to receive compensation based on premises liability. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of their rights and think the accident resulted from their negligence.

Bourassa Law Group can help. We have experience and expertise dealing with slip and fall accidents over a range of areas, including commercial kitchens. Our accident lawyers can help establish liability and ensure you receive damages.

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