Suing a Bar or Nightclub in Nevada for Assault Leading to Catastrophic Injuries

You’d be surprised to discover how probably it is for people to become catastrophically injured in a nightclub in Nevada.

Sometimes a bouncer may handle you roughly if you are drunk, causing intentional harm. Other times, people may get injured fighting amongst themselves.

Let’s explore whether you can sue a bar or nightclub in Nevada for assault leading to catastrophic injuries.

Is it Possible to Sue a Bar or Nightclub in Nevada?

It is certainly possible to sue a bar or nightclub in Nevada due to a personal injury. However, you must be able to prove where you got the injury from and whether the nightclub was responsible for it.

It is not uncommon for people to get drunk in Nevada. Las Vegas, in particular, gets many visitors who like to stay for a weekend, get hammered, party, and go home. However, there are many reports of assault and intentional harm caused by nightclub employees.

According to Nevada law, victims are perfectly within their rights to file a lawsuit against a nightclub. They can receive compensation for economic and non-economic damages, but only if they can prove intentional harm or assault.

Reasons for Assault in a Nevada Nightclub

It is pretty common for people to face discrimination in bars and nightclubs in Nevada. This can cause fights, leading to assault and severe personal injuries. Nightclubs are responsible for protecting the people inside from harm. Failure to do so can result in litigious action against them.

It is worth mentioning that nightclubs aren’t just responsible for their staff members assaulting a person. They can also be held liable for their actions if they do not implement enough safety procedures to protect the people inside.

Fights and discrimination are expected at nightclubs, and owners must take measures to protect victims of abuse. If someone gets assaulted and there are no bouncers to intervene, it can cause personal injuries that could cost someone their life.

Business owners must take responsibility for fights in the venue due to inadequate security, overcrowding, and wrongful hiring. If business owners do not screen their employees before hiring them, they could face a particularly troublesome lawsuit. Even if the staff was not directly responsible for the assault, nightclubs, and bars must protect all of their customers from grave injuries.

Other indirect reasons that could lead to assault in a nightclub are spills, broken glassware, and dim lighting. The priority should always be to minimize poor interactions between guests and understand the role alcohol plays in triggering egos to initiate the assault. Therefore, nightclubs and bars must do their part in prioritizing their guests’ safety.

Hire Bourassa Law Group to Sue a Nightclub in Nevada

When there’s alcohol involved, people easily get into fights. Nightclubs can be held legally responsible for not taking their guests’ safety and security seriously. If negligence is proven, Nightclubs in Nevada can face serious consequences for their actions (or lack of).

Bourassa Law Group has a team of highly trained personal injury lawyers who will fight night and day to build your case. If you are nursing a catastrophic injury, it is best to hire the best professionals in the country. Contact us at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation today.

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