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Suing Government Entities for Negligence in Weather-Related Accidents in Denver

Did you know the Colorado Department of Transportation reported approximately 57,725 car accidents in Denver in 2022? Although these car accidents happened for several reasons, like reckless driving, speeding, etc, a small portion was weather-related. Weather-related accidents usually occur for two reasons: drivers’ lack of precaution or governments’ negligence in maintaining safe road conditions.

Car accidents can cause catastrophic injury to a victim and lead to severe emotional trauma and property damage. If you have been in a weather-related accident due to unsafe road conditions, you can sue the government entity responsible for the road’s maintenance. Suing the government will allow you to receive compensation for your losses and ensure such accidents do not happen again.

We turned to the Denver inclement weather accident lawyer to help us understand everything there is to know about suing government entities for negligence in weather-related accidents in Denver.

When a weather-related accident occurs due to the lack of road maintenance or safety signage, it may be difficult for some people to comprehend why the government should be liable for those accidents. However, it is important to understand that at least one or more government entities are responsible for maintaining safe road conditions in every location. Therefore, if a road accident occurs due to weather conditions like extreme snowfall, rainfall, or flooding, and unsafe road conditions play a role, the government should be held liable for negligence.

Governments are responsible for issuing weather warnings, shutting off roads if they become damaged due to weather conditions, and creating evacuation plans in extreme weather. Hence, if they cannot meet these responsibilities and maintain the safety of the citizens, the citizens can take legal action against them.

Types of Road Conditions Where the Government May be Held Liable for Negligence

Unmaintained roads can lead to a dangerous environment for drivers, and when you add extreme weather conditions to them, it becomes the ideal recipe for a catastrophic accident. Although many weather-related accidents may solely be caused by extreme weather and drivers’ lack of precaution, a small portion may result from municipal negligence. Below are a few common types of road conditions that may cause weather-related road accidents:

Damaged or Missing Road Signs

Road signs can alert drivers of unsafe road conditions and keep them from maneuvering into dangerous areas. Road signs also play a critical role in controlling traffic and speed. However, if road signs are damaged or missing, it may cause a driver to maneuver into unsafe road conditions. Add bad weather to this scenario, and it is safe to say that it can lead to life-threatening accidents. Hence, the government should be held liable for weather-related accidents caused due to lack of or damaged road signs.

Missing Guardrails

Barriers and guardrails play a critical role in maintaining safety in Denver. If a driver accidentally skids off the road due to slippery road conditions created by heavy snow or rainfall, barriers can protect them from crashing into steep hills or mountains.

Missing guardrails can lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries if a vehicle skids off the road. Hence, the failure of a municipal entity to install barriers where needed can be a good reason for citizens who have been in weather-related road accidents to contact Denver injury lawyers and begin the process of suing the government.  


Roads require frequent maintenance, especially in areas that receive heavy snow or rainfall. With time such weather conditions can cause damage to the roads and lead to the development of potholes. According to reports, every one in ten drivers sustains vehicle damages from potholes. Furthermore, larger potholes can lead to dangerous accidents, especially in harsh weather conditions. Therefore, if you have been in a weather-related accident caused due to potholes on the road, you can hold the government liable.

How Denver Inclement Weather Accident Lawyer Can Help You?

Suing the government can be a challenging task. It requires an in-depth understanding of the local laws. Therefore, taking up this task alone can lead to an individual ending up in failure. We recommend contacting the Denver inclement weather accident lawyer at Bourassa Law Group.

Our injury lawyers can help you take legal action for any injuries and damages caused by weather accidents due to government negligence and allow you to receive compensation for those damages.

At Bourassa Law Group, we have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to help our clients receive the highest compensation possible. The best part about working with us is that we charge no fees unless we win and have a proven track record for success. Dial 1-303-331-6186 today to contact our Denver weather accident lawyers, or visit here to fill out the contact form.

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