Swimming Pool Slip and Fall Hazards

Summer is all about spending time near water, whether it’s at the beach or a pool at home. However, this time also comes the dreaded possibility of injury. The pool area presents several hazards, like slippery surfaces and defective equipment. It can lead to minor to serious injury or even death if someone drowns due to the fall.

Most people blame their clumsiness for poolside injuries. However, that’s not always the case. If you fall and injure yourself on someone else’s property, you can file a lawsuit against them. If you don’t know how to go about it, hire a professional drowning accident attorney to help you get the compensatory damages you rightfully deserve.

Here are some of the swimming pool slip and fall hazards that you must consider to avoid injuring yourself or someone else on your property:

1. Slippery Surface

This type of accident is the common cause of poolside injury. The nearby area is usually slick and slippery, with people swimming in the pool. Such accidents could also be due to suntan lotion strewn across the floor. Ensure there are ‘wet floor’ signs that people can easily spot and exercise caution while walking on the deck.

2. Unsafe Diving Board or Ladder

Diving boards and ladders are a major cause of accidents near the pool. The absence of a slip-resistant layer on diving boards and ladders can cause people to lose their balance, slip, and seriously injure themselves.

3. Debris or Algae Accumulation

The growth of dirt, debris, and algae in or around the pool could also cause a serious pool slip and fall hazard. Regular cleaning and maintenance will mitigate the possibility of someone injuring themselves by slipping over dirty and oily surfaces.

4. Faulty Equipment

If the ladder, diving board, or water slide isn’t functional, it could be a serious slip and fall hazard. For example, the traction pads on ladders could be worn off, causing a person to slip. This could also happen if the equipment isn’t properly set up. Regular checks will make the poolside a safer place for visitors.

5.  Cracked Deck

Cracks in the deck or an uneven surface due to a lack of maintenance could also become a reason for injury. A person could even lose their balance, fall into the pool, and drown.

Establishing Liability After a Slip and Fall Accident

Holding the party responsible for your injury can be challenging for a layperson. Poolside injuries could be mild to severe, ranging from abrasions and concussions to traumatic brain, neck, or spinal injuries. You could lose out on a job and incur high medical expenses due to this.

If you encounter a slip and fall accident, contact Bourassa Law Group. They will get the justice you deserve. Our experienced lawyers know the laws affecting drowning cases and will establish premises liability to help you get the rightful compensation.

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