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TBI-Induced Blindness or Visual Impairment – Everything You Need to Know

According to the International Brain Injury Association, over 1.5 million Americans yearly suffer from traumatic brain injury or TBI. A significant percentage of those who suffer from this severe injury become permanently disabled, most of the time due to TBI-induced visual impairment or blindness.

Since the brain mostly controls the sense of vision through processing and perception, any damage to the brain can become a potential cause of vision issues. Some common signs of TBI-induced visual impairment and their effects on TBI victims’ lives are:

Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is a common brain injury sign and can vary from mild to severe. Mild brain injury, such as a concussion, often results in temporary light sensitivity. On the other hand, light sensitivity as TBI-induced visual impairment is permanent and more intense. This means that besides sunlight, TBI victims can find glare from digital devices and equipment and even light bulbs unbearable.

Light sensitivity can keep TBI victims from all sorts of essential activities, such as keeping a job, connecting with loved ones, entertaining themselves, and catching up on the news due to their inability to see a screen. Moreover, tasks as simple as getting out of the house to get groceries and walking their dog can also become painful for them to execute.

Difficulty Focusing

When the part of the brain responsible for visual perception is damaged as the brain suffers from a traumatic injury, it can lead to difficulty in quickly shifting focus. Due to this, the victim of TBI may become unable to understand the distance of various objects from them. The visual focus may also become delayed when shifting from near to far objects or vice versa.

Impaired depth perception and focus can cause TBI victims to suffer more injuries. They may bump or trip over objects, find it difficult to hold what they need, etc.

Difficulty Reading

While focus issues can make reading a challenge, double vision caused by the eyes not working in synchronization with each other can make reading impossible for TBI victims. This TBI-induced visual impairment can also cause double vision, which leads to various other issues. A loss of control over eye movements can also cause difficulty reading for TBI victims.

Being unable to read can make the life of TBI victims further challenging. It makes using their smartphones impossible, even if they put an anti-glare screen protector on them. They may be unable to work, place incorrect online orders, or even seek timely help.

Blurred Vision

The inability of eyes to work in sync and double vision lead to blurred vision. A constant unnecessary shift of focus also causes blurred vision.

Blurred vision makes it difficult to recognize people and objects. It can also make performing tasks like eating, cooking, and performing daily functions incredibly tedious. It can also cause the TBI victim to experience motion sickness even when sitting still.

Eyestrain and Headache

While other vision issues can cause eyestrain and headache, they can be caused even when the TBI victim does not experience any other TBI-induced vision impairment. The headaches can be migraines, i.e., focus in one part of the brain, or experienced all over the brain. The headaches may feel intense around the eyes. Headaches may follow sensations of burning or itching of the eyes. Eyes may also become watery and tired.

Like other vision issues, eyestrain and headache can also make day-to-day life challenging, restrict the TBI-victim’s movement, and cause them significant pain, inconvenience, and loss of income. TBI-induced visual impairment issues also lead to a loss of income and missing out on school and medical expenses. But that’s not all – traumatic brain injury can also lead to permanent disability by TBI-induced blindness.

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