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The Four Most Common Types of Falls and Their Causes

Fall-related accidents contribute to a significant portion of preventable injuries in the United States, and more specifically, Nevada. Business owners are responsible for using cautionary signs if their establishment has faulty or wet flooring surfaces. This precaution can prevent them from facing lawsuits from affected parties, especially older adults who experience severe injuries from such falls.

The four most common types of falls leading to accidental injuries are step, slip, trip, and stump. Depending on the flooring surface and how you land, these can lead to minor or severe injuries. These can often be fatal for seniors, making it necessary for businesses to put up tripping hazards.

Let’s explore the four most common types of falls and their causes.

1. Step and Fall – Caused by Unexpected Height Changes

One of the most common types of falls leading to severe injuries is step-and-fall accidents. Such accidents typically occur when you’re climbing and descending stairs or walking down slopes. Some causes of step-and-fall injuries are uncovered holes, uneven surfaces, or step-downs, which often lead to hospitalization.

As a business owner in Las Vegas, Nevada, you are required to put up warning signs if your flooring is faulty. A step-and-fall injury can lead to major financial losses for the affected party and cause severe pain and suffering. If you’ve experienced a step-and-fall accident and faced a life-changing injury to your brain, back, or neck, you can pursue legal action against the business.

2. Slip and Fall – Caused by Wet and Slippery Surfaces

Another type of fall injury commonly occurring in the United States is called the slip-and-fall accident. This occurs when commercial and retail floorings are freshly mopped, waxed, polished, or have loose and damaged surfaces. Business owners in Las Vegas, Nevada, are required by law to set up cautionary signs when their floors are wet and slippery or have damaged surfaces. This is one way to prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring, minimizing the impact on unsuspecting customers and visitors.

Seniors are more susceptible to serious injuries, such as fractures and head trauma. Slip-and-fall accidents lead to severe legal action against businesses to compensate the victims for their mental anguish and financial losses. For this reason, companies should address tripping hazards immediately and put up warning signs as a compulsory safety protocol.

3. Trip and Fall – Caused by Unexpected Objects in the Way

Many people experience trip-and-fall injuries in Las Vegas, Nevada, due to unexpected objects in the line of their path. This does not necessarily mean that it is the affected party’s fault since property owners’ negligence may have caused the issue. For example, power cords or improperly placed objects in a clear path can lead to tripping and falling on the floor.

You can expect to incur soft tissue injuries and fractures due to such falls, allowing you to hold the guilty party responsible for your losses. For example, you can hire accident attorneys to make your case if you have suffered mental and physical anguish, experienced wage losses, and need to pay medical bills.

4. Stump and Fall – Caused by Objects That Make You Lose Your Balance

A stump-and-fall accident is the fourth type of fall that occurs due to reduced proprioception or loss of balance as your foot collides with an external object. Such an object could be a stair or any obstructive item in the path that may be hidden from plain sight. For example, business carpets may hide a bump that leads to a nasty fall, incurring serious personal injury.

Las Vegas, Nevada, has strict laws that force businesses to follow the proper safety protocols to prevent fall-related injuries. If you’ve experienced a long-term injury or disability from a property owner’s negligence or malpractice, you can sue them for financial compensation.

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Fall-related injuries fall into the category of preventable injuries. They contribute to major financial losses for businesses due to lost productivity. If you’ve been seriously affected due to someone else’s negligence and suffered a personal injury, you can hire injury lawyers to build your case.

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