The Hidden Dangers Of Left-Hand Turns

When you make a left-hand turn, you must look in all directions. There’s also the risk of blind spots and traffic lights going red while you’re making the turn, which could increase the risk of you rear-ending someone, being rear-ended, or being in a collision. Click here to speak to our accident injury attorney.

Alternatively, keep reading to further explore the dangers of left-hand turns in busy Las Vegas.

Slow-Moving Traffic and Gridlocks

Roads congested with vehicles left, right and center make left-hand turns even more dangerous. When you slow down to turn into the intersection, you’re not helping those waiting at the back.

They might choose to wait or put you under the pump by honking, making it hard to focus on the turn. Some drivers mistime the turn, hoping to make it across the intersection. Instead, they might hit the car’s rear bumper in front of them or get hit by a passing car. All to say, you’re better off forgoing the left turn on a busy road.

The Location of the Turn

There’s not one but several reasons 61% of intersection car crashes occur on a left turn. The following aspects of the intersection make the turn at least five times riskier for a driver:

  • Hilly roads
  • Blind spots
  • Inclement weather
  • Congestion by design or due to other vehicles.
Two Law Enforcement Officers at the Scene of a Car Accident

Slick Roads

Although Las Vegas only gets about 4.19 inches of rain annually, the resulting flash floods and oil buildup cause wet road conditions, which, in turn, cause reduced traction. A left-hand turn demands full control, especially during the evening when the roads are busy with rush-hour traffic.

In addition to slick roads, stormy weather also causes reduced visibility, which doesn’t bode well for an intersection with one too many blind spots.

Nighttime Turns

Rainy weather isn’t the only thing that causes reduced visibility. You might struggle to gauge the speed of cars zooming by on your left turn during the night on roads with insufficient overhead lights.

The glare of headlights can momentarily render anyone blind, making it difficult to judge your distance from the oncoming vehicle. These nighttime factors increase the possibility of an intersection vehicular crash.

How to React After an Intersection Accident?

If you were walking by and were hit by a car trying to make a left turn or were passing by when the at-fault driver made the turn, you can file a car accident personal injury civil suit.

The damages to your vehicle or person may be physically, emotionally, and psychologically debilitating, and you’re well within your rights to demand compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicular repairs
  • Emotional distress

Seek Our Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

You can file a suit for economic and non-economic damages with our personal injury case lawyers at the Bourassa Law Group for intersection and all other car accidents that may cause you bodily or psychological harm and result in property damage or loss.

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