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The Impact of Surveillance Footage in Proving Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall accidents can happen unexpectedly, causing serious injuries and financial hardships for victims. These accidents can occur in any place, including commercial properties, residential properties, and workplaces. Over one million emergency hospital visits are due to slip and fall accidents.

When pursuing a slip-and-fall claim, surveillance footage is one of the most powerful pieces of evidence that can bolster a case. Video footage offers visual evidence of how the accident happened and can enhance the credibility of your claim. It can also provide clear evidence of the property’s conditions where the slip and fall accident occurred, highlighting any hazards.

Surveillance footage can have a major impact on the case’s outcome, but obtaining the footage may be challenging in certain cases. Therefore, consulting an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer in Las Vegas is essential to build a strong case against the negligent party.

The Significance of Surveillance Footage in Slip and Fall Claims in Nevada

Surveillance footage is often considered the “silent witness” in slip-and-fall claims. Many commercial or public properties, businesses, government entities, and property owners often install security cameras to monitor and protect their premises.

These cameras capture real-time footage of events, including slip and fall incidents, providing an objective account of what transpired. The footage can help slip-and-fall attorneys in Nevada in multiple ways, including:

Establishing the Sequence of Events

Surveillance footage can provide a clear and unbiased record of the incident, assisting the lawyer in reconstructing the accident’s timeline. They can analyze the footage frame by frame, identifying factors such as hazardous conditions, negligent behavior, or any other potential causes of the fall.

Identifying Hazardous Conditions

Surveillance footage can capture spills, wet floors, uneven surfaces, broken steps, or any other dangerous conditions that might have contributed to the fall. This evidence is particularly valuable when the hazardous condition is temporary, as it may be corrected or removed shortly after the incident.

Proving Negligence

The injured party must prove the negligence of the property owner or manager in maintaining a safe environment. Surveillance footage can be instrumental in showing whether the property owners knew about the hazardous conditions and failed to address them promptly.

Validating Injuries

Surveillance footage can establish the extent of the injuries sustained during the slip and fall incident. It can show the fall’s severity, the victim’s immediate response, and any signs of pain or discomfort.

A skilled slip-and-fall lawyer in Las Vegas can use this visual evidence best to seek the right compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Admissibility of Surveillance Footage in Nevada Court

While surveillance footage can be powerful evidence, its admissibility in court may depend on several factors. The footage must meet certain criteria to be used in court:

  • Authenticity: The party presenting the footage must prove its authenticity, ensuring it is unaltered and accurately represents what occurred during the slip and fall incident.
  • Chain of Custody: It is essential to maintain and document the chain of custody of the footage, ensuring that it has not been tampered with or compromised.
  • Properly Obtained: The footage must have been obtained legally and without violating anyone’s privacy rights.
  • Relevant and Material: The footage must be relevant to the slip and fall claim and have material value in proving liability or the extent of injuries.

You must consult a professional slip-and-fall attorney in Las Vegas to prove in court that the footage is authentic and legally retrieved.

How to Obtain Surveillance Footage for Slip and Fall Accidents

Obtaining the footage is easy when a bystander or an adjacent property takes it. You simply have to ask for the footage and give the reasoning. However, if the surveillance footage is in the possession of the defendant, then obtaining it could be challenging. For example, a slip and fall accident in a department store as they may refuse to provide you with a video stating a range of reasons.

A skilled Nevada slip and fall attorney must ensure the footage is collected promptly, preserved appropriately, and presented effectively in court. Your lawyer can make a subpoena claim to retrieve the video from the defendant.

Consult an Experienced Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyer Today

Surveillance footage can be a game-changer in proving slip-and-fall claims in Nevada. Its ability to capture events objectively and without bias as they unfold makes it a valuable piece of evidence in court.

When pursuing a slip and fall claim, partnering with skilled slip and fall lawyers in Las Vegas is essential to maximize the impact of surveillance footage. The Bourassa Law Group understands the significance of surveillance footage in personal injury claims in Nevada courtrooms.

Therefore, our experienced Las Vegas slip and fall attorneys can legally obtain and leverage the right footage to prove the case. This will ensure you receive the best compensation for your injuries and property damage.

If you or a loved one has experienced a slip and fall accident in Nevada, act promptly and seek legal counsel to protect your rights and build a strong case for your claim. Give us a call today at 800-870-8910 to book your free consultation.

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