The Legal Course Of Action After Losing a Loved One In a Car Accident In Denver

Losing a loved one is a painful experience, and it’s even more devastating when their death occurs due to someone else’s negligence. Unfortunately, this is a reality several Denver residents face each year. With the rise in traffic accidents in the city, instances of death have also increased.

If you’ve recently experienced the loss of a loved one in a car accident, you’re likely processing the grief and trauma from the incident. However, it’s important to take swift legal action before it’s too late. Here’s what you need to do.

Take the Next Practical Steps

As devastating as it is to cope with a loved one’s tragic death, it’s also imperative to gather information and preserve evidence regarding the car accident. You’ll need to get further details about the accident, including the exact location, time, date, and information about the other driver and their vehicle.

You’ll also need to consult a medical professional to issue a Pronouncement of Death form. You’ll also need to acquire a death certificate and register your loved one’s death. If you wish, you can opt for an autopsy to further document your loved one’s injuries and determine the precise cause of their death. However, make sure you consult a lawyer before taking this step and proceeding with the burial or cremation arrangements.  

Assume Estate Responsibility

Secondly, you’ll need to manage your loved one’s estate and take care of their financial and legal affairs. This includes sorting through their finances, debts, assets, and will.

Consult a lawyer to help manage the deceased’s legal and financial affairs as they’d have wanted. This will also ensure things are utilized or divided as per your loved one’s wishes.

Contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Finally, make sure you get in touch with an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Denver to pursue legal action. According to the law, the surviving family may be entitled to compensation in wrongful death cases. Since your loved one died in a car accident because of somebody else’s negligence, you may be able seek compensation to cover the costs of the financial and emotional distress caused.

This compensation may cover the amount your loved one may have otherwise received for the damages caused. It may also compensate you for the costs of funeral and burial services, the loss of income because of their death and their medical bills.

The team at The Bourassa Law Group can help you with this. The law firm specializes in wrongful death and personal injury cases and helps clients in Denver with their settlements. Their personal injury attorneys also offer free consultations.

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