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The Main Challenges of Rear-End Motorcycle Crash Claims

Motorcycle riders typically sustain severe injuries and fatal wounds in crashes with commercial or passenger vehicles. However, rear-end collisions might result in the biker’s death when thrown off the motorcycle. The catastrophic consequences could result in severe property damage and life-altering injuries for a motorbike driver.

Rear-end collisions between two cars are frequently thought of as minor collisions. While every circumstance is unique, this might be true for certain accidents. However, rear-end motorcycle collisions are far more dangerous because there is a high likelihood that the rider may be thrown off the ride.

Riders involved in these collisions may get severe injuries, especially if the crash happens quickly. It may result from significant medical expenses and other losses that impact many aspects of the victims’ lives. These collisions may result in complex legal claims since the victim could seek a significant settlement. Insurance firms will also constantly try to shortchange or deny these claims.

This article will explain why rear-end motorcycle crashes occur and the main challenges in filing claims for them.

What Is the Reason For Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents?

Due to their lack of protection compared to passengers and drivers of bigger vehicles, motorcyclists are more susceptible to rear-end collisions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that motorcyclists being struck from behind were involved in more than half of all motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle riders have additional options for protecting themselves from rear-end incidents in addition to wearing helmets properly. They can accomplish this by being alert and taking all necessary precautions to prevent collisions with inattentive or careless drivers.

A rear-end collision is one of the most frequent motorcycle crashes that cause severe injuries. The other driver’s egregious irresponsibility causes most rear-end accidents. Most of the time, a collision occurs when a vehicle tries to change lanes or encounters dangerous driving circumstances.

Typically, rear-end collisions happen when a motorcyclist is stopped and struck by the car or truck behind it. Motorcyclists frequently experience significantly greater danger and severe injury from crashes caused by the physical forces of a bigger vehicle knocking them.

What Are the Challenges In Rear-End Motorcycle Accident Claims

Even though drivers are typically at fault for rear-end motorcycle collisions, it is not always the case. For instance, a motorcycle rider may be partially to blame for a rear-end collision if they cut off another vehicle while changing lanes.

Determining who is at fault is just one of the many challenges in filing a claim for a rear-end motorcycle accident. The other main challenges include the following:

Stereotyping of Motorcyclists: Mainstream perceptions of motorcycle riders as dangerous daredevils who aggressively weave across lanes and accelerate through traffic significantly impact the general public. It is not at all the case. Many law-abiding, responsible riders can be seen on the road. To assist in dispelling these myths among prospective jurors, it needs a knowledgeable attorney.

High Cost of Claim: Motorcycle injuries can be serious, necessitating many operations, considerable medical care, and sometimes even caregivers if catastrophic damage is involved. Most serious injury lawsuits also include pain and suffering damages, which raises the case’s overall worth. Insurance companies are more inclined to try to contest claims or reduce victim payouts when the stakes are high.

Uninformed Jury: Most people have never ridden a motorbike and are unsure how to handle one safely. Educating the jury about motorcycle mechanics and assisting them in making an informed decision on liability is a significant challenge in motorcycle accident lawsuits.

You need a lawyer who knows how to navigate these obstacles and fight for fair compensation if you were seriously hurt in a rear-end motorcycle crash. The Nevada motorcycle accident attorney at Bourassa Law Group can help you negotiate with insurance providers and handle all the legal intricacies as you navigate the claims process. Call us at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation!

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