The Most Common Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Claims

The motorcycle is one of the most used transportation means for its convenience and quick traveling. But, like almost everything in life, there is the other side: the high risk of accidents motorcyclists face. The injuries from these accidents are usually particularly serious because motorcycle drivers are much more exposed than car drivers in the event of a collision since their own body receives the direct impact.

Due to this and other circumstances, calculating and claiming compensation for a motorcycle accident is more complicated than for other traffic accidents.

This article will discuss the most common challenges in motorcycle accident claims!

The Most Common Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Claims

Always Blame the Motorcyclist

More and more U.S. households now have motorcycles, making them one of the most widely used vehicles across the country. However, when it comes to accidents and legal claims, there’s a public attitude that paints the image of a motorcyclist as a reckless driver.

In most motorcycle accidents, the other party always blames the bad roads or the motorcyclists for speeding. There’s an anti-motorcycle bias, a bad reputation, that depicts motorcyclists as impulsive hotheads and puts them at fault.

Even other people or passerbys often assume that the motorcyclist might have been speeding, which caused the accident. Although this can be the case, it is not always true. Even the insurance companies adopt an unfavorable policy with motorcyclists.

In addition, although helmets are mandatory and widespread, sometimes, motorcycle drivers ride with inappropriate clothing or footwear, which also points toward the unfair presumption of guilt towards the motorcyclist when involved in an accident.

Involves Serious Injuries

Motorcycle accident claims are complex because they often result in catastrophic injuries. After all, the rider is way too exposed and bears the most collision impact. The victim may take a lot of time to recover, be hospitalized, suffer psychological trauma, or, in the worst cases, never make a full recovery. Such an accident involves long recovery times, extensive medical bills, and loss of work wages. Without the right legal help, the victim may plunge into debt, making their suffering more painful.

Difficulty in Gathering Evidence

Data of witnesses and other proof is crucial to motorcycle accident claims. However, most motorcyclists are in a state of shock after an accident. Instead of gathering evidence against the at-fault vehicle driver, they feel lucky to be alive and forget about the accident’s cause.

They are not mentally alert to collect the evidence from the site and even refuse to see a healthcare provider. Remember, refusing to seek medical help leaves you no option for your motorcycle accident claim.

Reach Out to an Expert Personal Injury Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident Claim!

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