The Most Common Distractions for Truck Drivers

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), distracted driving is highly dangerous and accounts for nine deaths daily. Therefore, several states, including the state of Nevada, have enacted laws for distracted driving. These laws not only penalize dangerous driving habits but also promote roadside safety. Even with the best safety measures in place, accidents are inevitable.

Although truck drivers in Nevada are professionally trained to uphold road safety and abide by the law, they often get distracted over a long-haul journey. It is highly dangerous and life-threatening. Imagine a truck of 80,000 lbs colliding with a car. Indeed, it can wreak havoc.

Here are some of the most common distractions for truck drivers:

Device Usage

Truck drivers feel the need to stay connected with their loved ones on a long journey. Devices like tablets and cell phones are the easiest ways to stay in touch and feel close to home. However, they should never be used by a truck driver sitting behind the wheel.

Though changing a radio station or texting may take only a few seconds, they can divert the truckers’ focus from the road. And that’s what magnifies the risk of crashes.

A semi-truck moving at the speed of 55MPH can easily span the football field length in as fast as five seconds. Hence, it is unsafe to move your eyes off the road to use any device, even the dispatch device.

A dispatch device is similar to a cellphone. It helps truck drivers to stay organized on the road by receiving and sending messages. More importantly, it helps them get the job done faster. However, they are a major distraction and one of the leading causes of truck semi-truck accidents in Nevada.

Drinking and Eating

Truck drivers may feel hungry or thirsty on the long journey; this is when they should stop their trailers and take a break to eat and drink. However, failure to do so can be distracting and risky. It’s dangerous in three ways:

  • Visually– A trucker may take their eyes off the road to reach for a snack and collide.
  • Manually– One hand may be removed from the steering wheel to reach for a snack, which can result in loss of control of the truck and lead to a crash.
  • Cognitively– The driver’s attention splits between the snack and the road

All these distractions can slow the trucker’s response time. They can further result in unobserved changes in the traffic and missed stops, thereby leading to semi-truck accidents.

Fatigue and Exhausted

Long journeys can indeed be exhausting. Therefore, legislation was passed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that gives truckers a 30-minute break in every 8 hours of driving. But no rest can distract the driver increasing the chances of colliding with others sharing the road.  

Unfortunately, negligent and distracted driving practices result in hundreds of truck accidents across Nevada annually. So, if you’re injured in a collision with a truck, contact our experienced and compassionate truck accident lawyer today.

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