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The Most Common Signs of Drowning Every Pool Owner Should Know About

While children are the ones who are at the most risk, anyone can drown in any body of water. There are 4000 fatal unintentional drownings annually in the U.S., making it an average of 11 drowning deaths daily.

Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death worldwide. Checking up on all individuals once the pool area goes quiet is crucial. It can happen silently, without warning, and a person stays on the water line for about twenty to sixty seconds before drowning.

Here are the most common signs of drowning that every pool owner should know.

Most Common Signs of Drowning

Contrary to popular belief, drowning does not involve screaming or causing an event near the swimming pool; most of the time, it simply involves a splash or a sudden disappearance of a person. It happens silently without warnings; thus, here are the most common signs of drowning that every pool owner should know.

  • Hyperventilation: fast or deep breathing before the body is short of oxygen may occur before drowning.
  • Eyes closed or glassy: The person’s eyes might be closed and seem to be gazing off into the distance.
  • Quietness: If someone is drowning, they may be silent since they can’t yell or cry for aid;
  • Lack of capacity to swim: A person may be drowning if they have difficulty swimming, flailing their arms, or moving their legs.
  • Tilted head: A drowning person’s mouth may be open, their head may be thrown back, or they may have their head low to the water with their mouth submerged.
  • Cough: People trying to breathe in water may cough or appear to be choking.
  • Moving very slowly or not at all: The person may seem to be struggling or moving very slowly or not at all.
  • Gasping for air: Trying to take deep breaths or gasping for oxygen might indicate that someone is drowning.
  • Splashing arms: Trying to climb an imaginary ladder while vertical in the water, a drowning victim may have their arms spread and their head leaned back.
  • Color change: The person’s skin may occasionally become blue or grey due to a lack of oxygen.

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