The Most Common Types of Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

According to the NHTSA, 5.25 million car accidents with police reports occurred in the U.S. in 2020. 17% or 892,500 of those car accidents resulted in injuries.

Traffic accident injuries can take many forms depending on each incident’s specifics, although some injuries are more common than others.

Minor injuries from car accidents frequently heal on their own in a few days. More severe injuries could leave you physically disabled for the rest of your life.

Any car accident may shock the system; anyone who has experienced one will attest to it. Even if you survive the accident without significant injuries, you may reflect on it for weeks.

You must speak with an experienced car crash attorney as soon as possible if you are ever involved in any sort of accident. An experienced car accident lawyer in Las Vegas will urge you to visit the emergency hospital or your primary care physician after a collision to check for injuries.

Due to delayed symptoms, it is common for some car accident victims to be unaware that they have been hurt. Medical professionals can offer you the best care for these injuries because they are familiar with the common car accident injuries in Nevada. A car accident to go over your options.

This article will cover the most common car accident injuries so you know what to expect after a car accident in Nevada if you ever find yourself in that situation.

1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue damage is the most prevalent type of injury for minor and severe accident victims. Damage to the connecting tissue of the body results in a soft tissue injury, which has many forms.

The most common soft tissue injury following a car accident in Las Vegas is whiplash, which stretches the muscles and tendons in the head and neck.

2. Head Injuries

Head injuries, especially those to the brain, are severe and can be fatal if not treated. Concussions are among the most common ones. They are brought on by bruising, bleeding, or inflammation of the brain. Rest and sleep are typically required as part of concussion treatment to promote brain healing. Surgery is frequently needed for concussion-related complications.

3. Fractures

Most often, major, high-speed hits result in fractures. As the car absorbs the blow, the force of the collision will distort it. Under pressure, the structure will twist or collapse, possibly contacting your arms, legs, and other body parts. Your ribcage could experience such strong constriction that your ribs can break. If you sustain such a wound from a car accident in Nevada, you should immediately consult a doctor.

4. Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are one kind of vehicle accident injury that requires surgery. Internal organ damage can result from pressing or hitting an object with the body or from flying debris. If the person suffering from internal bleeding does not quickly seek medical attention, they may pass away.

5. Burns

The mechanism that activates the airbag may cause burns after deployment. Your seatbelt may cause frictional burns as it secures you in place. You should seek immediate healthcare assistance and treatment if you sustain burns from a car accident in Las Vegas.

6. Back Injuries

Injuries to the back, including spinal cord damage, are among the most common injuries from car accidents. The back is especially prone to damage in vehicle accidents since the human spine is not designed to sustain the substantial force.

The worst part of suffering a back injury in an automobile accident is that symptoms cannot appear for some time.

After an accident, psychological damage can also have a real and detrimental impact in addition to common physical car accident injuries in Nevada mentioned above.

The personal injury attorneys at the Bourassa Law Group in Nevada are here to help you navigate the accident claims process and lay out your options if you have been in a car accident in Las Vegas and are concerned, perplexed, or unclear of how to receive the assistance and support you require. Call (800)870-8910 for assistance; your initial consultation is free.

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