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The Most Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Las Vegas

Car accidents are an overwhelming traffic concern in Las Vegas because buying a car is easy, and getting a permit to drive it is even more so. When an accident is a single party’s fault, the surviving victim is well within their rights to seek damages.

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Rear-End Crash

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), rear-end collisions account for nearly half of all traffic-related accidents. They have killed as many as 1,700 people in a given year and are particularly violent due to the victims not having sufficient time to react to the collision.

A rear-end collision happens when a car is hit from behind by another car traveling in the same direction. These crashes happen when drivers don’t leave at least three seconds of room between vehicles, and the leading car stops suddenly. 

A rear-end collision can be the fault of the leading car when it’s put in reverse and rams into the car at the back. This scenario is rare and notoriously difficult to prove, but it’s known to happen.

Side-Impact Crashes

Side-impact crashes are rarer than rear-end ones but far more common than their more fatal counterpart, head-on collision, which accounts for only two percent of all car accidents annually.

In a side impact, a car is hit by another car from a side angle. The end product forms a T-bone shape and is particularly fatal when the victim is seated at the side of the impact.

Side-impact accidents are usually caused due to stoplight violations, a failure to hit the brakes, and an unwillingness to give way.

Single-Vehicle Accident

A single-vehicle accident occurs when a car hits or is hit by an inanimate object flying from a truck with an open hatch, an animal crossing the road, a broken tire tread from another car, or a person.

If you were the victim of a pedestrian accident where you had the right of way, you could seek damages for your economic and non-economic losses. Visit The Bourassa Law Group’s Las Vegas office to speak to a pedestrian accident lawyer about your injuries and whether or not you have a case.

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