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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Building a Strong Car Accident Case – Insights from Las Vegas Lawyers

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Sin City experiences over 20,000 car accidents daily. Most of these accidents are minor fender benders, often causing no harm to the victim or perpetrator. However, many car accidents result in serious vehicular and property damage along with long-term injuries. As a result, victims often hire an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer to help them get maximum compensation for damages and injuries.  

Unfortunately, many accident claims require more than CCTV footage and eyewitness statements to build a winning case. Car accident attorneys often require the assistance of an expert witness to provide valuable insights and professional opinions on different aspects of an accident.

In this post, we’ll explain the role of expert witnesses in building a strong car accident case by sharing the different ways they help lawyers and their clients.  

Who Are Expert Witnesses in a Car Accident Case?

An expert witness is an individual with extensive knowledge, skills, training, and experience in a certain field or discipline who can provide unbiased opinions on different aspects of a car accident case in Las Vegas. Their job is to assist the court and opposing parties in understanding complex concepts or issues to help the jury make better sense of evidence or statements.

Examples of Expert Witnesses

Below are some of the most common types of expert witnesses providing their expertise in car accident cases:

1. Accident Reconstruction Experts

Accident reconstruction experts are specialists that use different physics and mathematics principles along with evidence, road conditions, and other factors to help the courtroom understand how an accident occurred. These experts essentially reconstruct the accident using advanced software and other solutions to help the jury determine fault, accident severity, and potential compensation.

2. Medical Experts

Medical experts typically include doctors, surgeons, mental health counselors, and other healthcare professionals that provide a comprehensive injury assessment of accident victims. Their job is to help determine the primary cause of injuries, their seriousness, and estimated recovery time.

Their opinions and reports can simplify and accelerate compensation calculation and ensure the victims can cover their medical bills and expenses incurred due to emotional distress.  

3. Forensic Toxicologists

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, nearly 30% of car accidents in Las Vegas are caused by alcohol or drug-impaired driving. Hence, forensic toxicologists are the most common expert witnesses courts bring in to analyze blood and urine samples obtained from the defendant and victim to determine if any driver was driving under the influence.

Witnesses Vs. Expert Witnesses

Many people mistake witnesses for expert witnesses. Although both individuals play an essential role in car accident cases, they offer different testimonies. Witnesses, including eyewitnesses (pedestrians, other drivers, etc.), accident victims, and passengers, have either observed the accident, were directly involved, or helped with the investigation.

Their job is to provide their knowledge of the events to explain what happened before and during an accident. Their testimony can help the court determine liability by creating a narrative of the accident. Conversely, expert witnesses are subject-matter experts who simply provide their professional opinions and knowledge on complex aspects of the case instead of firsthand accounts of events.

How Expert Witnesses Help Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys and Their Clients

Below are a few ways expert witnesses help Las Vegas car accident lawyers and their clients build a winning case:

1. Testify in Court

By appearing in court to give their testimonies, expert witnesses provide a professional account of their feelings based on available evidence. With their intervention, the jury can make a more informed decision.

2. Support or Challenge Eye Witness Testimonies

When eyewitnesses share their accident experience, expert witnesses can support or challenge their testimonies. For instance, an eyewitness could claim that a car accident was minor and the victim shouldn’t have any serious injuries. A medical expert can challenge this testimony by providing and explaining the victim’s medical report.

3. Explain Complex Subjects

In most cases, the role of an expert witness is to explain complex scientific and technical concepts. In other words, they can help the judge and jury better understand the case and available evidence by providing their specialized knowledge to establish causation and liability.

4. Provide Unbiased Opinions

One of the most important ways expert witnesses help the judge, jury, and opposing parties is by providing unbiased opinions solely based on their expertise and experience. Hence, their objectivity carries weight in court and accelerates the decision-making process.

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