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The Three Largest Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit Settlements in the US

Slip and fall accidents are fairly common in the US. However, there have been instances of particularly brutal slip and fall accidents that led to serious damages. The following lawsuits resulted in the highest settlements ever recorded in the country.

People have the right to monetary compensation if they have suffered real losses. Some may have life-changing injuries due to a property owner’s negligence, leaving them to suffer by themselves.

Let’s explore the three largest slip and fall lawsuit settlements in the US.

1. $18 Million for Falling into an Open Manhole

The highest recorded lawsuit for a slip and fall accident occurred in Brooklyn. A man was walking in a back alley and did not see an open manhole. He fell into it and suffered serious injuries to his upper body.

Once he recovered, he hired some of the best lawyers in the country and won a settlement for $18 million. This amount is extremely high because he did not sue a property owner. Rather, he sued New York City for the negligence surrounding an open manhole.

Slip and fall injuries result in different kinds of damages, such as economic and non-economic. So, you get compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, and personal pain and suffering.

Victims can receive high compensation for their losses depending on the severity of the injuries, who is being sued, and the lawyer’s competence. In this case, it was the highest recorded settlement in the country of roughly $20 million.

The victim suffered from spinal cord injuries and was permanently disabled due to the accident, which is a severe case. This makes it the highest recorded settlement in history for slip and fall accidents.

2. $12.2 Million for Slipping Near Miller Mart in Pennsylvania

Property owners are responsible for making their stores as safe as possible for their customers. So, if a hazard could result in injuries, it is the store owner’s responsibility to put up warning signs. If they don’t, it is considered negligence, and they can be sued for their actions.

A woman was seriously injured in Pennsylvania after slipping on ice outside Miller Mart. After carefully investigating the incident, the property owner was found to be negligent in their safety practices.

The woman’s upper body injuries were severe enough to warrant her 12.2 million USD for economic and non-economic damages. This is the second-highest recorded settlement for a slip and fall injury in America.

3. $11 Million for an Accident at a Gas Station

A man fell down at a gas station in Texas, leading to severe injuries that had him bedridden for a long time. He slipped on a substance the gas station attendant hadn’t cleaned up, leading to vertebral injuries.

From the outside, it looks like a silly human error. However, the court findings proved that the owner had been negligent about safety issues, resulting in this accident.

The man received $11 million for his losses, which covered his economic and non-economic damages.

Hire the Best Slip and Fall Attorneys in Nevada

Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries. These are almost impossible for many people to pay out of their own pockets, so they seek to sue those responsible for the accident.

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