Top Motorcycle Accident Witness Questions You Should Know About

Witnesses have a key role in any accident involving two or more parties. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident with another vehicle, determining the share of responsibility of each is essential for a personal injury claim. It can sometimes be difficult, especially when you and the other vehicle’s driver present different versions of the facts. But you must prove what happened to get the fairest compensation for your damage. This is where the witnesses intervene.

Here are the top questions to ask motorcycle accident witnesses!

The Key Role of Motorcycle Accident Witnesses in Your Personal Injury Case

Before discussing the top questions to ask from motorcycle accident witnesses, let’s understand some important points about the reliability of these witnesses and what you must do to secure the information!

First, if you have had a motorcycle accident with another vehicle and witnesses are present at the site, remember to get their contact information.

Second, specify if there is no witness!

Did the accident take place in the absence of any witnesses (in an isolated place, at night, etc.)? Note it on the joint report, signed by both parties. Thus, you avoid the risk of seeing the other driver declare a false witness, corroborating the erroneous version of your adversary!

Lastly, determine the reliability of the witnesses.

One or more people may have witnessed the motorcycle accident. However, not all of them will be admissible!

Indeed, your witnesses cannot be:

  • One of the passengers of the vehicles involved in the accident
  • A relative, a member of your family
  • A person with whom you have formed a friendly bond
  • A minor

The objectivity of these different types of people may not be guaranteed. Clearly, they will be considered unreliable witnesses.

Once you’re sure that the witnesses to your accidents are all admissible, you can consult them to represent your case strongly. Usually, your personal injury attorney will take care of the evidence and interview the witnesses if needed. However, knowing the right questions to ask at the right time and recording them can make a huge difference.

Top Questions to Ask from Motorcycle Accident Victims

You can contact the witnesses and ask them the following questions to describe the accident as they saw it:

Were you present there at the time of the accident?

This is the first and the most frequent accident witness question. Sometimes witnesses make claims based on hearsay and not what they witnessed. Therefore, they must be present at the site. Their information can help you determine what happened and who was at fault.

Did you have a clear view of the accident?

Another important question to ask a motorcycle accident witness is whether they had a clear view of the accident. Their statement might not be considered reliable if their vision was obstructed by any object, a building, a tree, etc.

Can you explain how did the accident occur?

Getting as many details as possible about how the accident is important. If you have witnesses to your motorcycle accident, try to get as much information from them as possible.

Who do you think was at fault?

This is one of the most common questions to ask. Although witnesses often answer this question based on their opinion, try to get the facts you already do while questioning.

What could have been done to prevent the accident?

Asking what could have been done to prevent the accident is a good question to determine who’s at fault.

Did someone leave the scene?

Ask if any of the drivers tried to leave the scene before the arrival of the police. This can have a major impact on any potential legal proceedings.

Is there anything that you would like to share about the accident?

You can ask about the weather, the lighting, any defects on the road, the presence of other vehicles, phone usage by any of the drivers, etc. These questions can be of great help in supporting your case.

And last, can you draw a diagram of the accident?

Asking the witnesses to describe the accident as they saw it, with supporting sketches, can help better visualize the accident scene and play a huge role in your personal injury case. Ask the witness to sketch how they think the accident happened.

All this information can help ensure that justice is served and that the motorcycle accident victims get the fairest compensation for their damage.

And if you have witnessed an accident, do not hesitate to come forward, especially if there is a hit-and-run. If you were the accident victim, you would be happy if someone played this role!

Be careful, however: in your declaration, remain perfectly neutral. Describe exactly what you saw, nothing more and nothing less. Don’t try to extrapolate or favor the person you think is the most sympathetic, and don’t pass judgment. Finally, remember that false testimony is punishable by law!

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