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Traumatic Brain Injury With No Symptoms – What to Do?

Traumatic brain injuries can occur if you hit your head on a foreign object and your brain is significantly rattled. This kind of rapid internal movement can lead to tissue damage, causing serious repercussions. If your brain starts to swell, you may experience life-changing symptoms that disrupt all avenues of your life.

However, in some cases, you might experience no symptoms following a brain injury. This occurrence may be due to a milder injury that did not cause severe damage, but you should still visit a doctor for a thorough evaluation.

If your doctor diagnoses you with traumatic brain injury with no symptoms, you should follow the right course of action to accelerate your recovery.

Let’s explore what you should do following a traumatic brain injury.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you have a traumatic brain injury with no symptoms, your doctor will monitor your condition for several days or weeks. They will pay attention to any signs that indicate a change in cognitive function.

Depending on how you were injured, your doctor may prescribe certain medications to be on the safe side. When recovering from a head injury, taking several days or weeks of rest and pausing your regular activities is reasonable.

Due to a third party’s negligence, many traumatic brain injuries are caused by slip and fall accidents. If true, you need to find a competent traumatic brain injury lawyer for fighting your case. After filing a claim against the guilty party, the insurance company may produce an offer before your injury has been properly diagnosed.

They use this common tactic to avoid paying the maximum settlement amount. If the extent of damage from your injuries is not immediately obvious, it pays to take your time. You should avoid accepting the first offer you receive since that may not reflect your true losses.

Even if you have no initial symptoms, your condition may worsen over time. Insurance companies know this and do everything possible to make a quick offer. However, you should always seek the expertise of a TBI lawyer before making any final decisions.

Your medical costs may be extensive, depending on the symptoms that arise. Traumatic brain injuries are often complex, meaning you need someone dedicated to your case to help you recover your losses.

What Factors Do I Need to Consider Before Accepting a TBI Settlement?

Although it is completely up to you what settlement amount you accept, you should consider a few factors before deciding. These should be discussed with your TBI lawyer since they can provide useful insights that help you settle the matter.

1. Settlement Amount

Insurance companies will be quick to offer a settlement. However, this may not reflect your true losses, which must be considered. If you end up paying out of your pocket to cover your medical bills, it will hurt you financially. For this reason, you and your TBI lawyer should speak to your physician in detail to understand the degree of damage and the associated medical costs.

2. Degree of Damage

If you have no symptoms from a traumatic brain injury, it may be difficult to know the extent of damage to your brain. However, your doctor will likely recommend brain scans if your injury is severe. You should avoid accepting the settlement offer until you know the extent of your injuries.

3. Long-Term Medical Costs

If your doctor is suspicious of long-term complications, it helps to take your time to evaluate your condition. You may have to deal with long-term medical costs if symptoms develop over time, which must be covered in your settlement.

4. Non-Economic Damages

You will likely experience significant losses from the pain and suffering caused by your injury. You may have to deal with lost wages if you cannot work or suffer from long-term losses, such as an inability to work. Since traumatic brain injuries are complex, you should take your time to evaluate your true condition before settling on an offer.

5. Higher Settlement

Traumatic brain injuries caused by someone’s negligence can be life-changing. You can fight your case in court if the settlement offer does not match your expectations. Your TBI lawyer will help you build a strong case after evaluating your unique situation and advise you properly on the matter.

Contact Bourassa Law Group for Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

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