Understanding Liability in a Car Lift Accident in Nevada

Have you suffered a car lift accident in Nevada and are wondering about the liability in your case? This article will answer your question detailing what the state law says about car lift accidents and the legal rights you are entitled to if someone else’s negligence caused the accident.

A car lift accident in which a vehicle falls from a lift can result in serious bodily injury and damage. And the victim has the right to claim compensation for their damages under Nevada law. Let’s find out how.

Understanding Liability in a Car Lift Accident in Nevada

What Are Car Lifts?

Vehicle lifts are lifting equipment provided with load supports guided by a supporting structure for lifting all types of vehicles, designed to work on or under the load. These lifts allow for carrying out maintenance and repair work. There are lifts with one, two, or four columns, scissors, cylinders, etc., being powered manually or mechanically and loaded from the chassis or wheels.

The platform consists of a support plate for lifts that load the chassis and are the fixed part of the lifting device that comes into direct contact with the car.

Car Lift Accidents in Nevada

Carrying out maintenance and repair work of vehicles requires using car lifts on numerous occasions. They can be fixed or movable and are used for all types of vehicles. However, car lifts are associated with certain risk factors, so accidents are not uncommon.

The issue arises about liability since such accidents may involve different reasons, such as the vehicle operator’s negligence, a defective lift, etc. Whatever the case, the victim has the right to claim compensation for their bodily injury and vehicle damage.

A car can fall from the lift and injure the operator, objects, or people. In other cases, the lifting equipment can itself collapse on the people and objects underneath. It can happen due to:

  • Incorrect installation of the equipment with little visibility.
  • Fall of the vehicle from the supports due to deficiencies in its positioning
  • Lack of collective protection elements in the lift equipped with front and side walkways.
  • Deficient handling of equipment/controls.
  • Fall of the vehicle from the supports due to deficiencies in its positioning.
  • Equipment overload.
  • Wrong use.
  • Lack of training.
  •  Poor maintenance.
  • Failure of the lifting system.
  • Lack of order and cleanliness in the work area.

Unfortunately, such falls can have deadly consequences if they happen while someone is underneath. There have been countless accident cases where errors in handling caused the vehicles to slip or fall from the lift crushing people to death.

Whose Liability Is it in a Car Lift Accident?

If your call falls from a lift because the operator fails to secure it adequately or if the lift is not installed correctly, you have the right to claim compensation for the damages.

If you weren’t operating the lift at the time of the accident, the liability lies on the operator, or the repair shop your car had been to. Depending on the magnitude of the damage, you can claim compensation.

Sometimes people buy their own car lifts to carry out mechanical work. Although it can be beneficial if you own one, the associated risk factors must be addressed, and the owner must have the knowledge and training to use the car lift.

If the car lift you buy turns out to be defective, causing an accident, damaging your vehicle, or resulting in bodily injury, you will have the right to sue the car lift company based on product liability under Nevada.

However, you must have enough grounds and evidence to prove that the product was defective. Therefore, accompanying yourself with a personal injury attorney will be in your best interest.

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