Understanding the Role of Juries in Nevada Catastrophic Injury Trials

Juries are one of the most important elements of a Nevada catastrophic injury trial. The jury is responsible for determining how much money should be awarded to the plaintiff, and it can also decide whether or not the defendant is liable for their injuries. While juries do not have to follow the law when deciding on compensation amounts and liability, they typically do so because judges instruct them to do so.

In a catastrophic injury case, the jury is required to be impartial and follow the law. Jurors must be able to understand the testimony, evidence and arguments presented by both sides in a trial. They are also prohibited from discussing the case with anyone else outside of court proceedings.

In this article, we look at and understand the role of the jury in Nevada injury trials. Stay with us to learn more about the process and how the jury is part of it.

Jury Decides Compensation

A jury is used to determine the amount of compensation that will be awarded to the plaintiff. Jurors are selected at random and come from all walks of life, so they may or may not have had similar experiences as you. However, it’s important to remember that juries are people too–and have feelings and biases just like anyone else.

Juries are more likely to award damages if they feel your situation warrants it; otherwise, they may decide not to give any money at all in order avoid being seen as “soft” or “unfair.” In some cases where there is no clear evidence of wrongdoing on behalf of an individual party (or multiple parties), judges can decide if there should be an award–but this decision isn’t always made by a judge alone!

Jury’s Decision Can be Appealed if Both Sides Agree

In a catastrophic injury case, the jury’s decision can be appealed if both sides agree to it. The jury does not have to be an expert in the field of law and their decisions are less likely to be overturned on appeal. However, if there is no agreement between both parties or if one party disagrees with how a particular ruling was made by the judge, then it will not be possible for them to appeal any rulings made by that particular judge during trial proceedings.

Critical Decisions

In catastrophic injury cases, juries make critical decisions about damages and liability. Jurors will decide how much money the defendant pays to compensate you for your injuries and lost income.

If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it’s likely that your attorney will ask for compensation that reflects all of your losses–including past medical bills (past medical expenses), future medical expenses (future medical expenses), future care such as home health care or nursing home care, any loss of earning capacity due to disability caused by the accident (“loss of earnings”), pain and suffering from the date of injury until death or recovery from disability (pain & suffering).

If you’re successful in proving these damages at trial before a jury then that jury must decide what amount should be awarded against each defendant based on their percentage responsibility for causing those damages.

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