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What Happens If a Police Car Crashes into You or Your Vehicle?

You would expect police officers to be the best (read safest) drivers. But the nature of their job often requires driving in unsafe ways, putting them at high risk of getting into accidents. While the law allows them to operate in that manner (when responding to emergencies), what happens to those hit by the police? Let’s find out!

What Happens If You’re Hit by a Police Car in Nevada?

Nevada law gives you the right to file a liability claim and lawsuit against the police department if one of their officers causes an accident due to unjustified reckless driving or negligence. In other words, if a police officer hits you or your car in a non-emergency situation, you can demand compensation for your damages. Obtaining it is, however, easier said than done.

You must provide strong, undeniable evidence not just to prove that the accident was caused by the police officer and not you but also to assert that it was an act of negligence. An experienced lawyer can help you with it.

How to File a Claim for Car Crash Against Nevada Police?

The process to file a claim against police (or any governmental agency, for that matter) isn’t the same as that for a non-government entity or individual. You must first file a notice of claim with the Department of Police itself, along with substantial evidence supporting your assertions and demands.

Ideally, if you can provide enough evidence, the police department should fulfill your demand. But it doesn’t usually happen in reality. What’s more likely is that the police department will reject your claim, giving you the right to seek compensation through the court. You can now file a lawsuit against the police (department, not the individual) in the civil court.

Get Help Filing a Claim Against Nevada Police from The Bourassa Law Group

Collecting evidence against police is no easy feat. And even when you do have some evidence proving that the accident occurred due to an officer’s negligence, it’s not easy to win a case against the police. Remember, you’re fighting the police department, not an individual. It’s only wise to have an experienced car accident lawyer by your side throughout the process.

If you’re looking for car accident or personal injury lawyers in Nevada, get in touch with us at The Bourassa Law Group for a free case evaluation. Dial 1-800-870-8910 today to schedule a consultation with one of our senior Nevada lawyers with experience in dealing with police brutality cases.

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